How the madñas are manufactured in the Pendones workshop in the Nalón Valley in Asturias

Know what they are the mothers? This is how they know each other in Asturias, Cantabria Y Galicia the wooden clogs that are used in the rural world of the Cantabrian mountains.

The mothers they are similar to the typical clogs of Holland and Sweden, and they are also manufactured in one piece of wood.

In you visit to the Nalón Valley, southeast of Asturias, you have the opportunity to know much better what are the mothers and their cultural importance in these rural places.

In Earrings, village located near Campo de Caso, in the enclave of Redes Natural Park, you can visit a Madreñas Workshop.

In this small rural workshop, the artisan Manuel Fernández He will show you how they are and how Asturian mothers are made, and also you will see a wide sample of different types of mothers.

Manufacturing of mothers in the Workshop of Madreñas de Pendones in Asturias

Nowadays Manuel Fernandez It usually makes about two mothers a day, although in the past it had a production of up to six daily mothers.

And if you want to take some mothers as a souvenir of your trip through these beautiful mountainous landscapes of Asturias, you should know that the mother's price It's 10 euros less than foot size. That is, if you want some mothers for a 40 foot, they will cost you 30 euros. And so on.

In the video included in this topic, Manuel Fernández shows you how does the mothers.