This is the book 365 Places in Spain that you can not miss, by Paco Nadal

Travel book 365 Places of Spain by Paco Nadal

A characteristic of a good travel guides is to provide useful information for plan your trip. But in some cases they are a mere accumulation of data that does not allow you to prioritize when deciding what is essential to visit.

The book 365 Places in Spain that you can't miss, from the prestigious journalist Paco Nadal, is not a travel guide. It is more in line with the latest fashion of travel books compilations, but also becomes a highly recommended travel guide for plan your excursions in Spain.

Of course you find a list of travel proposals (one for each day of the year) sorted by autonomous communities. But of each one of them, in addition to the most known and essential places to visit, Paco Nadal offers us original suggestions.

In this way, when considering traveling through a specific area of ​​Spain, the book serves as a good travel guide.

A travel book how 365 Places in Spain Only an experienced traveler can write it, as is the case with Paco Nadal, who has been working in travel journalism for many years, which has allowed him to know the most remote places in Spain.

This way you can check it every Friday in their morning collaboration in the SER chain, in the articles of his blog of El Viajero de El País, or in his most recent television collaboration in Four.

And precisely another attraction of this editorial proposal is that it is not far from the traditional travel stories, because from each place you find a literary note that transcends beyond a mere description or a list of useful data.

Thus, the Book 365 Places of Spain it becomes an entertaining read, where the irony characteristic of Paco Nadal, and in a recommended traveler gift for these Christmas dates.

To check it, in this link you can browse online the first chapter dedicated to Andalusia. And finally, do not miss the opportunity to have the book in your hands participating in the draw three copies on the occasion of third anniversary of the GUIAS VIAJAR blog.

Characteristics of the book 365 Places in Spain

  • Title: 365 Places in Spain that you can't miss
  • Author: Paco Nadal
  • Publisher: Grijalbo -Random House Mondadori
  • Format: Hardcover with dust jacket
  • Number of pages: 384 p.
  • ISBN: 9788425346408
  • Sale price: 21.90 euros