Local Heroes, a new way to visit places and share experiences

Nomaders Local Heroes

We each have our tastes and preferences when traveling. That is, we each have our own traveler profile.

But when you arrive in a new city, haven't you ever considered the advantage that would be able to visit it accompanied by a local resident Who will show it to us?

This is the case when we visit the city that we do not know, accompanied by a friend, who will teach us the most attractive places, but, above all, we will discover those corners that only residents know.

That little museum that is not known enough, or that ideal park to spend some time contemplating. Or, of course, the best places to eat tapas, or that nice terrace for dinner.

With that objective the project was born Local Heroes which has launched the dynamic online travel agency Nomaders.

The key is in share, and the operation is very simple. The Local Heroes, in an altruistic way, they offer to share the most diverse experiences with travelers arriving in their cities and places of residence.

For example, Marian lends itself to accompany you to discover the charm of the neighborhood of La Latina, in Madrid; In return, look for new contacts of travelers, when you go to visit their cities.

OR Haritz,which offers us the opportunity to see Donostia from a bird's eye view, with a route that goes up to the Ulía, Urgull and Igueldo mountains.

OR FlavioWith whom we can take a tour of the best kiosks in the city of Lisbon, drink coffee at the beginning of the day and beer at sunset. Come on, a pretext to discover the best corners of the Portuguese capital.

It is best that you consult the list of Local Heroes to discover the one that best suits your concerns. And why don't you consider being a Local Hero too?