Málaga - Go eat sardines and fried fish at Pedregalejo beach

Embers to prepare sardines to the breastplate in Pedregalejo in Malaga

your Malaga city tour It will not be complete if you do not go for tapas or try the fried fish.

While in the historic center of the city there are many wineries and restaurants where you can enjoy the Malaga gastronomic specialties, I am going to tell you about an area that is somewhat remote from the center, but very popular with the people of Malaga, and where it is not easy to find tourists.

Its about old fishing district of Pedregalejo, which is next to the beach of the same name, in the north of Malaga.

Restaurant terraces in the Pedregalejo neighborhood in Málaga

When you get to Pedregalejo neighborhood, You will find a popular beach and a promenade that in its initial area has become a succession of terraces of bars and restaurants. All surrounded by palm trees and with low houses of striking colors on their facades.

In addition, on the sand, in front of the restaurants, you will see stalls with embers where the typical grilled sardines.

Preparation of sardines and fish espeto in the Pedregalejo neighborhood in Málaga

Typical grilled sardines in the Pedregalejo neighborhood in Malaga

In the pleasant terraces of these restaurants the typical thing is tapas lunch or dinner, among which fried fish and the aforementioned sardines are the great protagonists.

And on which terrace to sit? In my experience, since in the last months I have had the opportunity to go twice tapas to Pedregalejo, and I have been to different restaurants, I will tell you that if you ask three Malaga people, they may advise you three different restaurants, although it agrees that Maricuchi He is the one who has earned the most fame.

Eat or dine at Pedregalejo it will cost you between 20 and 30 euros, depending on the location chosen and, of course, what you ask for ...

In sum, one gastronomic experience Essential on your trip to the city of Malaga.

Have you already gone to eat at Pedregalejo beach? What restaurant do you recommend and why?

Pedregalejo beach in Malaga