Discover the advantages offered by Novotel hotels for family travel

Playground for children at the Novotel Madrid Puente de la Paz

We are already at the right time to reserve the hotels for your vacation trip, and if you go totravel as a family accompanied by two children, it is not always easy to find the right establishments.

In this regard, do you know that Novotel hotels offer a series ofspecific advantages to stay with your family?

Under the concept Family & Novotel, this group chain Accor, which already has almost 400 hotels distributed all over the world, puts at your disposal spacious rooms that allow two adults and two children to be accommodated in a welcoming way.

The spaciousness of the rooms (25 square meters) is not a characteristic limited to certain hotels, as in the Novotel Suite I stayed on my last trip to Malaga.

Novotel Bilbao Barakaldo

All rooms have enough space to house a sofa that becomes a bed where children can sleep. In addition, you have free services and specific equipment designed for them, such as baby cot, high chairs, bottle warmers or cartoon TV channel,

The conceptFamily & Novotel offers you others advantages for your children, how are the play areas specially designed for the enjoyment of children, equipped with construction games of the firm Kapla, suitable for children, a library, or Xbox game consoles.

And, of course, in most establishments you enjoy swimming pool and park.

Novotel Barcelona Cornellá

An additional advantage offered by Novotel hotels If you stay with your family for a weekend, you can have your room until 5 pm on Sunday afternoon.

The important thing is that, in addition to being designed for the family stay, all these services and equipment of the Novotel hotels do not imply that you must pay an extra price to enjoy these spacious family rooms, but that you pay the standard price of the rooms of the establishment you choose

In practice it means that your two children under 16 they have the free accommodation and, likewise, the free breakfast.

Novotel Valladolid

But, in addition, if your family is larger, you can book a second room for children with a 50 percent discount on the price compared to the first, and breakfast is still free for children under 16 years.

Finally, it should be noted that on the website of Novotel hotels You have tourist information of all the cities where you can stay, with specific recommendations to visit them as a family with children between 7 and 12 years old.

Novotel Valencia Convention Center

Thus, by way of example, in the Kid's voyage tour guide From Barcelona it is advisable to visit, among other places, the Güell park, the wax museum, the hill and the fountains of Montjuic, the zoo or Port Aventura.

For a next travel through Spain, the Novotel hotels More specifically gifted to travel with your family are the Novotel Barcelona City, Novotel Bilbao, Novotel Sevilla, Novotel Girona and Novotel Valencia.

Finally, you can also take advantage of any of the specific offers What Novotel does for families staying in their hotels.

So, for example, this summer, until September 9, you can stay for a price from 80 euros, and your children will receive a welcome gift and a pack of DVDs of the films Madagascar 1 and 2 and the penguins of Madagascar.