Handicraft market in Chateau d'Oléron, near La Rochelle in western France

Shop in former fishermen's house of Chateau d'Oléron on the island of Oléron in France

In you visit of La Rochelleduring your journey through western France, you have the opportunity to approach the island of Oléron, the largest of Atlantic islands of France.

But above all, the island of Oléron It is famous for the quality of its oyster production. Moreover, it is said that in Oléron you have the best oysters in France.

Without a doubt, enjoying their tasty oysters at a good price is a good excuse for go to Oléron and tour its marshes. But it is also known for housing some of Vauban's most famous fortifications, such as Fort boyard wave Chateau d'Oléron Citadel.

Now, when you pass through this last town, I will emphasize an attractive corner located on the outskirts of the town and its citadel. I am referring to the area of ​​the old fishing port that you reach by road from the south.

What a traditional fishing port, in which they happen lovely and colorful wooden houses, which have now been largely occupied by artisans and fashion stores and souvenirs, which makes this area an attractive place to walk.

Fishermen's houses of Chateau d'Oléron on the island of Oléron in France

This walk will allow you to enjoy the beautiful combination of the colors of the houses with the attractiveness of a typical fishing port, in which the extreme tides of this region are always protagonists.

Below you have a gallery of Photos of the port of Chateau d'Oléron on the island of Oléron.