Estoril - This is the Hotel Palacio and its stories of kings and spies

Palacio Hotel in Estoril

Estoril Y Cascais, in the outskirts of LisbonThey have a long tradition of luxury residential area, one of whose samples is the existence of numerous five-star hotels.

But you have the maximum expression of glamor and tradition in the Palace Hotel, which is located in front of the large garden area that opens before the Estoril Casino.

When you enter the Palace HotelKindly open the door Mr. Afonso, veteran goalkeeper of this historic establishment where, with his 78 years, has been working for 61 years! And this is one of the first characteristics of it, the great relationship with employees.

The history of the Palacio Hotel It dates back to 1930, but above all it was forged during World War II, because of the neutrality of Portugal, several royal families went into exile in Estoril.

Royal Gallery at the Palacio Hotel in Estoril

But also the Palace Hotel was the focus of the attention of British and German spies, which was a source of inspiration among novelists and filmmakers. Thus, the Hotel Palacio was the protagonist in the film James Bond at the service of His Majesty.

The real stories that has starred in the Hotel Palacio now have a sample in the so-called Royal Gallery, Opened in February 2011, where you can see extensive documentation and numerous photographs that witness the numerous activities of European monarchs in it.

Specifically, for the Palace Hotel Italian, Bulgarian, French, Romanian and, of course, Spanish royal families have passed.

Surely you know that Don Juan de Borbón, father of King Juan Carlos, during his exile resided in Estoril. At that time, the rooms of the Hotel Palacio have starred in family gatherings and parties, of which you can now see photos in the aforementioned Royal Gallery.

As a curiosity, I will tell you that the infanta Pilar de Borbón got married in this hotel.

When you walk through the halls and rooms of the Hotel Palacio, you see the building oozes history. It is a building with classic decoration, but very elegant and very careful. In no case do you have a sense of decay, but on the contrary, you see a great combination between the classic style and the modern equipment.

Europa Lounge at the Palacio Hotel in Estoril

He Hotel Estoril Palace have 161 rooms, which include 32 suites.

Depending on the time of the year, the prices of a room in this historic five-star hotel range between 150 and 450 euros.

Currently, the majority of Hotel Palacio's clients are fairs and incentives, although it does not lack a holiday audience.

In you trip to Costa Estoril, it is worthwhile to go to the Palacio Hotel to see the Royal Gallery, which will allow you to know better the importance that Estoril has had in the history of the current Spanish royal family.

As a preview of your visit, here is a gallery of Photos of the Hotel Palacio de Estoril.