Euskadi - Xaxu, delicious sweet to taste in Tolosa

Delicious Xaxu from Gorrotxategi pastry shop in Tolosa

If you like sweet, and in particular, marzipan and related types, in agastronomic trip through Euskadi you have an appointment at Gorrotxategi pastry shop from Toulouse, in Guipúzcoa.

This traditional family bakery is very famous in Tolosa for its Confitero Museum, The main Tolosa tourist attraction, where you can see instruments and objects used since the fifteenth century to make confectionery and pastry.

But of course, in Gorrotxategi You can taste and buy a variety of sweets, cakes and handmade nougat, as well as tiles and cigarettes, very popular in this area of ​​Euskadi.

Now this time I want to highlight the delicious Xaxu, an almond cream cupcake, which becomes a mixture between marzipan and yolk. Trying it is a rewarding gastronomic experience.

Delicious Xaxu from Gorrotxategi pastry shop in Tolosa

It is not known exactly when the Xaxu, but this cake was already made in the mid-nineteenth century, when a young man who was known as Xaxu worked at the confectionery opposite the town hall of Tolosa.

Subsequently, in 1883 the Confectionery Cleto was transferred to Jose Mari Gorrotxategi, the forerunner of this saga of confectioner masters, which is now in its third generation.

Since then, the Gorrotxategi have been refining the Xaxu recipe, and now I can assure you that it is a very soft and delicious sweet.

If you can't resist waiting to try it for when you travel to Tolosa, you can buy the Xaxus online.