Landscapes of Tuscany in the vineyards of Hacienda Zorita Natural Reserve in Zamora

Vineyards of Hacienda Zorita Natural Reserve in Zamora

Vineyards, cypresses, country villas ... and lots of sun. These are typical characteristics Italian Tuscany landscapes. But this environment and landscapes can also be found in ... province of Zamora.

Very close to the border between Spain and Portugal, next to the Arribes del Duero park, are the Vineyards and winery of Hacienda Zorita Natural Reserve, where excellent wines of said brand of the Douro Valley.

In this place you will not only see landscapes that take you to the Tuscany region in Italy, but you can also enjoy a very special accommodation, some country villas between vineyards, ideal for celebrating with friends or family.

Winery and villas of Hacienda Zorita Natural Reserve in Zamora

Indeed, next to the building of the winery, and in the middle of a farm of 72 hectares of vineyards, you have two houses with high equipment, designed for rental for groups. This is another hosting option for Hacienda Zorita, whose main hotel establishment is the Wine Hotel which has about Salamanca, where you also stay next to a cellar and you can taste their wines.

The first strains of these relatively new Hacienda Zorita vineyards They were planted in 1999, after a study by an Australian winemaker. And in them there is a great variety of grapes, since Merlot Y Syrah, until Cabernet Y Malbec.

In the Hacienda Zorita Natural Reserve winery, after the annual harvest of the grapes in autumn, the wines are made Hacienda Zorita Y Syrah, which age in 2,000 barrels, and there are also 1,500 barrels of the most exclusive wine of this brand, the Magister.

To know the landscapes that you can enjoy during a stay in some of the aforementioned villas, as well as the winery that you can visit during the same, here is a gallery of photos of the vineyards and winery of Hacienda Zorita Natural Reserve, in the province of Zamora.