The option of traveling with children and other advantages offered by Novotel hotels

Family & Novotel playground in Novotel hotels

When you have family, when traveling to a city, you have the problem of which hotel may be the most suitable. Specifically, that it facilitates your family stay and that this does not imply an extra cost in your travel budget.

In this regard, a really interesting option is the Novotel hotels, where you find, among other advantages, some special facilities for family travel.

Novotel It is one of the leading brands of the group Accor, under which they are generally offeredfour star city hotels With a very good quality / price ratio, with more than 400 establishments in 60 countries.

Family room in Novotel hotels

And I can give you a very specific fact: at present, during weekends you can stay from just 65 euros in the Novotel hotels in Spain, in a family room with capacity for two children under 16 years, without additional extra cost. And with free breakfasts for children, If adults also consume breakfast.

If your family is large and you need an additional room, it will cost you 50 percent of the price. And if you need it, on Sunday you can delay the departure of the room until 17 hours.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet the hotel Novotel Peace Bridge, in Madrid, a good example of the advantages that the chain offers for family trips.

Decoration of the Novotel Puerta de la Paz hotel in Madrid

All the rooms of the Novotel hotels have an ideal configuration to accommodate families, with a double bed and a sofa that converts in a very simple way into a real bed for the two children.

I want to point out that in this hotel chain you are not going to take unpleasant surprises due to technological deficiencies. Quite the opposite.

So, in the room, in addition to having Free WIFI, you have a large screen television, which you can also use to surf the internet using wireless keyboard and mouse. And thanks to the connectivity panels, you will not miss the necessary plugs to connect your different technological devices.

Claravia restaurant in Novotel hotels

But where children become true protagonists is in the common areas of the hotel.

There above all you can enjoy your playgroundFamily & Novotel, where in addition to various games, especially find the very popular game consoles, specifically, Xbox. And they may have to stick with an adult to enjoy the console equipped with the system Kinect.

Of course, your teenage children may be more attracted to the Mac corner, with computers to surf the internet. And, of course, in summer the pool becomes a must during the family stay at the hotel.

The wide variety of options you have in relation to breakfast and lunch, is another highlight in the Novotel offer.

Rincón Mac in Novotel hotels

I recognize that at breakfast time in a hotel I always encounter the problem that I settle for coffee, juice and cereals or some pastries, and I have plenty breakfasts buffet, for which I am not worth paying.

In the Novotel hotels you can choose between the buffet you have in the restaurant, or a simpler one (and cheaper ...) City Breakfast What can you have in the cafeteria? And if you need to get up very early, from 4 in the morning you have the possibility of having a light free breakfast in the lobby.

And at lunch or dinner, in the hotels of Spain are the restaurants of the brand Claravia those that offer, either the à la carte service, or a special menu at a more affordable price.

Specifically, in the Hotel restaurant Novotel Puente de la Paz, for 17 euros, including dessert and coffee (drinks separately), every day you can choose between various dishes with some preparation, such as, for example, grilled asparagus and piquillo peppers, corn pancakes with chicken and vegetables, and for seconds, cod with curry and roasted apple or beef strudel with mushrooms and coriander mojo.

Children's menu in the restaurant of the Novotel hotels

Children also receive a special treatment in the restaurant, where they are received with a board game and have a Children's menu It costs 9.50 euros.

And also, if you need it at any time, you have an offer of restoration 24 hours a day.

Finally, in relation to special offers For your stay at Novotel hotels, I highlight theEarly Breaks, with special prices and free breakfasts if you book at least 21 days before your arrival date. And on the other hand, the City Breaks,Offers for a minimum of two nights, with discounts of up to 40 percent and also breakfast included.

You benefit from this type of offers by booking directly on the Novotel hotels website. And, of course, in this chain you can use the Accor group loyalty card, which offers you several advantages.

Next you have more Photos of the Novotel Puente de la Paz hotel in Madrid.