Cordoba - Gates of Al Hakam II on the west facade of the Mosque

Al Hakam II doors in the Mosque of Cordoba

When you go to visit the mosque in you tourist trip to Cordoba, you will surely enter through the Gate of Forgiveness, the main access to the great Cordoba monument, which leads you to the beautiful Patio de los Naranjos.

However, well before or after your visit, I advise you to take a complete tour of the entire exterior wall of the enclosure, so that you can see the differentdoors of the Mosque of Cordoba, among which stands out, above all, the Doors of Al Hakam II.

You can find these old doors on the west facade, in its southernmost part, next to the monument known as the Triumph of San Rafael, almost in front ofRoman Bridge of Cordoba. You will find them without problem if you come from the Alcazar of the Christian Kings.

Detail of the doors of Al Hakam II in the Mosque of Cordoba

This area of ​​the Mosque of Cordoba It is the result of the most important expansion that was made of it, the one carried out by Al Hakam II during the 10th century, which represented the period of greatest splendor of the Caliphate of Cordoba.

The so-called Doors of Al Hakam II they are two contiguous accesses, of very similar design, and are the best example of the splendid decoration of theAndalusian architecturethat you can see outside the Mosque of Cordoba.

Both doors of the mosque, which are also known by the Christian denomination of Holy Spirit Gate Y San Ildefonso Gate, were boarded until they were restored in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries by the architect Velázquez Bosco and the sculptor Matthew Inurria, so that now we can appreciate its great aesthetic beauty.

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