Jordan - The experience of bathing in the giant spa that is the Dead Sea

Bathing in the Dead Sea in Jordan

One of the attractions of trip to Jordan that I have recently had the opportunity to enjoy is the possibility of bathe in the Dead Sea.

It is true that fleets in the Dead Sea And there is no way to drown? That is a curiosity that we all undoubtedly have before going to Jordan and having the opportunity to take a bath.

From the outset I confirm that it is true. Moreover, it is incredible the buoyancy you have when bathing in these waters and the impossibility of drowning. Now, it is a strange experience, very peculiar, and may not be too pleasant.

To understand it, it is important to know what is the Dead Sea, and that health benefits He reports bathing in its waters.

Bathing in the Dead Sea in Jordan

It speaks of the sea, but it is really a great natural salt water lake which is between Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian territories.

For get to the Dead Sea from Amman, you must go about 50 kilometers to the southwest. In the case of my trip, we went to the Dead Sea from Aqaba, the great Jordanian city located on the banks of the Red Sea.

From there they are just over 200 kilometers along a road that runs all the time through semi-desert lands along the border with Israel.

He Dead Sea It is located 416 meters below sea level, which makes it the lowest area on Earth. With a length of about 75 kilometers long and a width that does not exceed 20 kilometers, its waters come mainly from the Jordan River.

Private beach of the hotel on the Dead Sea in Jordan

Well-known are their healthy virtues, with great richness in calcium, magnesium, potassium and bromine. They are salty waters, but above all very very dense, much more than those of the oceans, where there is no life, except for some very small crustaceans calledartemias.

He Dead Sea It is at the bottom of a great depression, with which you will see very arid lands surrounded by mountains. On the east bank, Jordan, and in the west, Israel and the Palestinian territories. At night, if you are at the height of JerusalemYou can even see the glow in the sky of the city lights.

When you arrive on the banks of the Dead Sea on the Jordanian side, you do not find villages, but large resort-type hotels, of four and five stars and European level, with touches of design and service typical of Arab countries, which are concentrated in the northern area , the closest to Amman.

Specifically we stayed at the hotel Crown Plaza Jordan Dead Sea, kind spa resort, with the rooms scattered in small buildings that surround a large central pool, which makes up a small town on the shores of the Dead Sea.

Private beach of the Crowne Plaza Jordan hotel on the Dead Sea in Jordan

Well, effectively from the hotel you have access to the private beach of the Dead Sea.

However, how is a bath in the Dead Sea? and the Dead Sea mud treatment?

The first thing you should know is that you are not on a beach of a standard sea, but in a huge spa where you will receive you will benefit from the healthy properties of its waters.

In fact, you will see a large poster with information on how to take a bath. In short, you have to take a first float bath for no more than 10 minutes. Then you have to go out to give yourself batter in the famous mud of the Dead Sea, which you will have at your disposal in a bucket next to the shore.

Information about the baths in the Dead Sea

Breaded in mud you have to stay no more than half an hour, until it dries, which is about 15/20 minutes. Then you have to go back to the water to take off the mud well and, finally, go out and take a shower to clean you completely.

These baths can only be done, at most, twice a day, and at the very first hour or almost at dusk.

We bathe before 9 in the morning, because later the heat boosts the temperature of the water and its effects on the skin, which makes the bathroom inadvisable.

In practice I will tell you that when you enter the water it is incredible the buoyancy sensation. It cannot put you on your feet (be careful, the ground is also full of stones), because the water pulls your legs up.

Breaded with mud from the Dead Sea in Jordan

Therefore, you can only lie on your stomach, rather uncomfortable when you pull your ass up, or face up.

The latter is the best position in which you can stay, but be very careful not to get a drop of water in your eyes (burning salinity), nor in your mouth. In short, the best is recommended, a short bath during which you discover the buoyancy sensation ... and outside.

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Here you have more pictures of bath in the Dead Sea. and of Crowne Plaza Jordan Dead Sea hotel.