Rioja Alavesa - Great decoration of the apse of the church of San Andrés de Elciego

Abside of the church of San Andrés de Elciego in Rioja Alavesa

In the medieval villages what can you see in a wine tourism trip through Rioja Alavesa you will be surprised by certain corners of his artistic heritage.

On the trip that I had occasion to do recently, no doubt the Portico of the church of Santa María de Laguardia It occupies a priority place. But there are other corners that are also worth visiting.

That is the case of the church of San Andrés de Elciego, building that is almost opposite another temple, this time pagan, of this town of Rioja Alavesa, as is the famous hotel of the Bodega del Marqués de Riscal, designed by Frank Gehry.

When Visits Elciego, you will see that the church of San Andrés is not located in the Main Square of this Alavés town, the preferred place occupied by the small Hermitage of the Virgen de la Plaza, of the eighteenth century, in whose devotion the festivities of September are celebrated.

The St. Andrew's Church, on the other hand, it is a large building, which is best appreciated at a distance, from one of the entrances to the town.

Church of San Andrés de Elciego in Rioja Alavesa

Built in stone masonry during the sixteenth century, it shows a very austere exterior where the portico stands out with its two towers of different termination.

This parish church shows a mix of architectural styles. With a single large ship (4th meters long and 16 meters wide) and Gothic style in its first sections, the roof has starry vaults.

It will be the cruise and the apse that will focus your attention the most inside the church, with a great decoration of Renaissance style. Specifically, you will find the semicircular corrugated apse, a configuration that is not very common to see.

Of course also highlights the Altarpiece Major of the seventeenth century, which is already in the Baroque style, although it maintains the Renaissance influence.

The 18th-century organ of the classical style remains in operation. And you should also look at the polychrome paintings of the sixteenth century that are largely preserved in the area of ​​the aforementioned cruise and apse.

Here you have more photos of the church of San Andrés de Elciego, in Rioja Alavesa.