Castellón - Suggestions and gastronomic activities for your visit to Vinaroz

Vinaroz prawns in Castellón

Vinaroz It has earned a reputation as an ideal place for family vacations during the summer thanks to the extension of its beaches that extend next to this town of Castellón.

But from the tourist point of view, a primary attraction of a Vinaroz visit is the gastronomy, both for its specialties and for the wide range of tourist activities that allow you to enjoy it.

Looking forward to a future trip to this Levantine coastal town, I'm going to give you some clues and Vinaroz gastronomic suggestions.

1.- Vinaroz shrimp

The great star of gastronomy, and one of the reasons why Vinaroz is known in the rest of Spain, is for its prawns.

He Vinaroz shrimp It has a special quality due to the characteristics of the waters of this Mediterranean coastal area, with mild climate and low salinity.

The prawns are caught every day in an artisanal way by the fishing fleet of Vinaroz, which supply the village market every day. These prawns can reach 20 centimeters, and with a great thickness, they have characteristic reddish cross bands in the abdomen.

Logically, the shrimp becomes the key ingredient in the kitchen elaborations in Vinaroz. And around it are carried out various gastronomic activities throughout the year, as Shrimp Days, he Shrimp Tapa Tour, wave Shrimp Festival.

Vinaroz Market in Castellón

2.- The Vinaroz Market

The best way to know the food products you can taste in the Vinaroz area, is to visit the municipal market, which is located in the center of town, in the St. Augustine's Squaren.

Built in 1929, the building sits in the place where there was a convent of Augustinians, hence its architectural design in the form of a basilica. Completely restored in 2011, it maintains the original iron structure.

In the market you will see numerous stalls dedicated to the sale of seafood, the garden, as well as meats. You also have bars where you cook the products that you buy in the market.

To highlight the conference Territori Tast which are held every month in the market, so you can taste local and local products. Coinciding with the visit I made a few months ago, I was able to taste Morella's meats, but Vinaroz salted fish, Catí cheeses or the oils of millenary olive trees are also common protagonists.

Viver de Vinaroz pastry cake in Castellón

3.- Vinaroz Goloso Llèpol

If you are passionate about sweets, as is my case, in Vinaroz you also have a gastronomic proposal to taste it.

It's about the Vinaroz Goloso route (in Valencian, Vinaros Llèpol), that through a passport that costs you 6 euros, which you can buy at the tourist office, you can taste six different sweets offered by six bakeries in the center of town.

In this way, for only one euro each, you can try one lionesa, a tomato cocktail, a rock of Vinaroz, a llepolsti, a Aval cake, or pastry to choose in the Suquet pastry.

Traditional Oven Workshop at Ca Massita in Vinaroz

4.- Workshop of coc in Ca Massita

Surely you know that cocas (cocs) made in bakery ovens are a specialty on the east coast.

Specifically in Vinaroz you can sign up for Workshop of coc from Ca Massita, one of the local baker's ovens, where you can learn to prepare, for example, a fresh sardine coc or of tuna.

And also to make one of the exclusive elaborations of Vinaroz as it is farinade of reviews, which is prepared with flour, cinnamon, sugar, lemon, olive oil and water.

Museum of millenary olive trees of La Jana in Castellón

5.- Millenary olive trees

Near Vinaroz you can make a very original visit: the Museum of Millenary Olives of La Jana.

25 kilometers inland you can see a farm where 21 millenary olive trees are located in the old Via Augusta Roman.

In the municipality of La Jana is where there is a greater concentration of millenary olive trees around the world, almost a thousand, and there you have the opportunity to see some olive tree that has a censored age of more than 1,600 years.

Salmorejo with seafood splash in restaurant El Faro de Vinaroz

6.- Traditional dishes of the gastronomy of Vinaroz

Finally, I will suggest some traditional dishes from the Vinaroz area so that, if you have the occasion during your visit, do not forget to try them: fish bowl; there and lobre de locha and prawns; mullets of mullet with potatoes; Sepias to Brutesque; mackerel xapá.

Between the rices you have the one of galley, to band, arrossejat and the rice with espardenyes. Among the vegetables you have stuffed eggplants, tomato and pepper dumplings or potatoes with caliu.

And specifically in winter, the prominence is the mushrooms, such as chanterelle, beef steaks, lamb stews, sprouts and cauliflowers.