World tourism has grown 5 percent in 2013

Picos de Europa from the Fuente Dé viewpoint

The behavior of tourism throughout the year 2013 has not only been very positive in Spain, as reflected in thefrontur statistics, but also around the world, exceeding the forecasts of the beginning of the year, which were a growth of 3-4 percent.

Specifically, according toWorld Tourism Barometer of January 2014of theUNWTO World Tourism Organization, he world tourism It has grown by 5 percent during 2013, with 1,087 million international tourist arrivals.

The good results of tourism have occurred in all regions of the world, including Europe despite the economic crisis in several countries such as Spain.

Below I detail the main data of theWorld Tourism Statistics in 2013.

1.- In 2013, everyone has been 1.087 million tourist arrivals, 52 millions more than in 2012, with higher tourism growth in the regions of Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

2.- In Europe tourism has behaved very well despite the economic difficulties of the region, with a 5 percent growth compared to 2012, exceeding initial expectations.

To highlight the 7 percent increase in tourism in Central and Eastern Europe, while in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean tourism has grown somewhat less (6%).

Growth of world tourism in 2013 @ UNWTO

3.- InAmerica On the other hand, there has been lower growth in 2013 (4%), with the best results in North America and Central America (4%), while South America has grown by 2 percent and the Caribbean by 1 percent.

4.-  For its part, the regions of Asia and the Pacific they have grown by 6 percent, especially highlighting the increase in tourism in Southeast Asia (10%) compared to 2013.

5.- In Africa the increase in tourist arrivals has been 6 percent; whereas inmiddle East There has been no growth (0%), with heterogeneous and unstable results in different countries.

With regard to tourist issuing countries, undoubtedly the most prominent is China, which has confirmed the position it achieved in 2012 as a world leader, with an expenditure on tourism around the world of 102,000 million dollars, and a growth of that expense of 28 percent in the first nine months of the year.

For its part, Russia, which is the fifth country that emits tourists, has had a 26 percent growth in tourism spending.

The world tourism forecasts for 2014, according to the UNWTO, the arrival of international tourists is increased between 4 and 4.5 percent.

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