Aragón - This is the medieval neighborhood of Tarazona and its former Jewish quarter

Hanging houses in Tarazona

When during your Tarazona visit, to the north of Aragon, you walk the narrow streets of the old Jewry and the medieval neighborhood of Cinto, you will understand why the romantic poet Gustavo Adolfo Becquer called it the «little Toledo»After your stay.

Surely you will have gone to Tarazona with the intention of visiting his remodeled cathedral, one of the great jewels of Mudejar art. But I advise you to discover the historic center that extends from the top of a hill.

Historically Tarazona It has always been border land, now on the edge of the communities of Aragon, Navarra and Castilla y León. And its mixture of cultures goes back to its creation by the Celtiberians, and its colonization by the Romans in the first century, when they called it Turiaso.

Neighborhood of the former Jewish quarter in Tarazona

Tarazona it was considered an episcopal seat already in the 5th century, and the construction of a building is of great importance in history. Great cathedral, first Gothic and then Mudejar.

From the shore of Queiles river you start your walk, first, through the apples of the old neighborhood of the Jewry, now belonging to the Sefarad network. Then, after passing under the surprising hanging houses of Tarazona, you arrive at the entrance door of the medieval quarter. next to the buildings of Episcopal palace and the Magadalena church.

In the narrow streets of Cinto neighborhood, together with Jewry, in the process of heritage recovery, with its various corners, porches and landscapes, it is easy for you to feel moved to the medieval era, and from the viewpoint next to the wall you will have the best panoramic views of Tarazona.

Photos of Medieval Tarazona

As a preview of your visit, here is a gallery of photos of the medieval Tarazona and its old Jewish Quarter, to the north of Aragon.