Extremadura - Photo gallery of Trujillo, historic town of discoverers

Trujillo main square in Extremadura

If you still don't know him, what will I say Trujillo It's one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. That is why you will not be surprised if it is one of the most visited corners of Extremadura.

Two and a half hours southwest of Madrid, and very close to Cáceres Y Merida, a walk through Trujillo it will bring you a return to the times of discovery of America, and you will be able to verify the boom that it entailed for those who faced that adventure.

In Trujillo you find one of the most beautiful squares in Spain. Wherever you look in your Main Square you will see palaces and beautiful arcaded galleries, with the great prominence of equestrian sculpture dedicated to Francisco Pizarro, in front of the facade of the St. Martin's church 14th century

Corner of the walled enclosure of Trujillo in Extremadura

Is primitive Arrabal Square, stately and Renaissance, is at the foot of the walled enclosure that surrounds the town that the Romans already established and that the Muslims fortified.

In you walk through Trujillo, whose historical center extends on the slopes of a granite hill, you will go through passages, you will cross some of the remaining doors of the Wall original, and you can even walk the outer limits of it.

Inside you will see palaces and old convents, and also semi-abandoned stately buildings. You will arrive at the church of Santa María la Mayor, where until the thirteenth century there was a mosque with its two towers of a very different style.

Juan Orellana Pizarro Palace in Trujillo in Extremadura

Together with her you can visit the Pizarro House Museum, and close you will go through the outside Francisco de Orellana's house, now converted into a small boutique hotel.

And finally, you will reach the top of the hill and you will be able to travel the castle walls, that was an old Arab citadel.

Trujillo Photos

As an appetizer for your visit, here is a gallery of Trujillo pictures, in Estremadura.