Huesca Legends Live Festival, medieval recreations from September 22 to 28

Cloister of San Pedro el Viejo in Huesca

One of the best ways to discover the most beautiful corners of cities and towns in Spain is through its history. Specifically, the recreations of historical times They are increasingly common given the great attraction they have for visitors.

This way I have been able to verify them in which until now I have had the opportunity to attend during my trips.

Now you have a good excuse to discover (if you have not already done so) the Huesca attractions attending September 22-28 to the festival Huesca, Living Legend. During these days the streets and squares of Huesca are decorated to move to the medieval times, in the time of the thriving kingdom of Aragon, recalling, for example, when the king Pedro I he reconquered the city for Christians, with the supposed "help of Saint George«.

Huesca Festival, Living Legend 2014

If you go to the festival you will have the opportunity to visit the main monuments of Huesca, as the Gothic cathedral and the Romanesque cloisters of San Pedro el Viejo.

You can also get to know the medieval castle of Loarre or see the curious rock formation of Roldan jump, in the pre-Pyrenees.

During this festival, on the nights of Friday 26 and Saturday 27 you can attend five historical reenactments that take place in various historical corners of the city, such as the aforementioned Cloister of San Pedro, the University square, or the Provincial Museum, in which the hundred most decisive years of the kingdom of Aragon.

Gothic cathedral of Huesca

The themes range from Ramiro I, the origin of the small kingdom; he fence and conquest of Huesca, until Ramiro and the bell of Huesca. It also highlights the recreation ofMedieval tournament of the Kingdom of Aragon in the bullring.

A highlight of the festival is the Tribute to Ramiro II, in a day open to popular participation that takes place on Sunday 28.

In the morning the Ramiro's bell in the St. Peter's Square, after a parade that begins in the University square.

In the afternoon the «Exequias of Ramiro II the Monk«, With the departure of courtship from the aforementioned University square, with the performance of the Oscense Coral during it, and the final concert of Via Artis

Loarre Castle near Huesca

The old music, the poetry and the historical conferences they also have their role in the festival program, as well as events dedicated to children, specifically thosestoryteller which are held from Monday to Thursday in different parts of the city, in which four legends related to the city will be told.

And, of course, this festival could not miss a typical medieval market, which will be installed in the Luis López Allué square from Friday 26 to Sunday 28. The market will be enlivened with shows of medieval music, Arabic and Oriental dances, parades or falconry exhibits.

Here you can check the full program of Huesca Festival, Living Legend, with all the events and the schedules of celebration of the same.

Or if you prefer, you can download the brochure with the festival program.

Do you dare to discover Huesca?

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