France - The best photos of Perpignan, in French Catalonia

Castillet in the historic center of Perpignan in southeastern France

Sure you know that Catalonia it also extends further north of the Pyrenees, by the neighbor France, having as its best shows the city ​​of Perpignan,but also places with as much charm as the seaside town of Colliure, in the zone of Eastern Pyrenees.

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Perpignan, where you may not know that from Madrid you can arrive by AVE in just over four hours, and that is a stone's throw from Catalan cities like Barcelona or Girona.

In Perpignan I have discovered a medieval city which has great historical ties with Spain, which date back to the time of kingdom of Aragon, but also had great prominence after the Civil war, when the city and the region became a refuge for thousands of exiled Spaniards.

Corner of the historic center of Perpignan in southeastern France

Without doubt the most illustrious was Antonio Machada, whose grave is now a must see in the aforementioned town of Colliure.

A walk through the historic center of Perpignan, starting from its icon monument, the Castillet, it shows you the characteristic configuration of a medieval walled city, with narrow streets, houses with gothic facades and palaces that show their greatest splendor in their interiors.

Paratillas street in the historic center of Perpignan in southeastern France

Perpignan it will be very close to you, because it maintains the style of a mediterranean city, with a great atmosphere in its streets, something unusual in the northernmost French cities, and places as familiar to us as the Paratillas street.

Perpignan Photos

In anticipation of the topics I will publish about Perpignan and its region, here you have a gallery with the best pictures of this Catalan city ... in France.

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