Badajoz - Discover the prehistoric tomb of Huerta Montero in Almendralejo

Prehistoric grave of Huerta Montero in Almendralejo in Badajoz

A trip through Extremadura It is always synonymous with cultural places. Castles, churches, palaces or historic towns are common during the route, but I recognize that I did not know that it was also possible to find prehistoric places.

On one of my recent trips around the province of Badajoz I have been able to visit a prehistoric grave which is dated in the Copper Age, 4,650 years ago.

He prehistoric grave of Huerta Montero It is located in the outskirts of Almendralejo, and it is a collective burial that was used for about a thousand years, and it is thought that also a place of worship because on December 21, coinciding with the winter solstice, by its specific orientation the sunlight penetrates the corridor to the bottom of it.

Prehistoric grave of Huerta Montero in Almendralejo in Badajoz

The farmer who in 1988, moving lands with a plow found an unusual slab in those lands, did not know that he had discovered a large prehistoric grave Of great archaeological interest.

The farmer communicated his discovery to the Popular University and from the Archeology Workshop the first prospecting works were initiated which, under the direction of the historian Francisco Blasco, led to determine that there was a prehistoric tomb.

Subsequently, excavations were carried out for three years, which ended in 1992. Finally, the enclave was prepared for tourist visits, which began in 2011.

Originally it was about a dolmen with a covered circular chamber with a false vault of 4.50 meters in diameter.

Prehistoric grave of Huerta Montero in Almendralejo in Badajoz

As you can see when you visit it in Almendralejo, the set has a length of 15 meters divided into three sections. The first seven meters correspond to the access ramp, which leads you to a four-meter section, which is the corridor that introduces you to the aforementioned circular chamber.

The remains of 109 people have been found in the tomb, with very damaged bones and scattered throughout the chamber.

In addition to necropolis, the sepulcher of Huerta Montero It was also a place where ancestors received worship. This is the interpretation of the aforementioned fact that the orientation and disposition of the tomb causes the entry of sunlight coinciding with the winter solstice every December 21.

During the visit of the prehistoric tomb A simulation is carried out that allows you to verify this fact.

Prehistoric grave of Huerta Montero in Almendralejo in Badajoz

In addition to seeing the sepulcher, in informative panels you have the most curious data that allow you to know the importance of this sepulcher, the different stages of the burial and how the world was in that time before celebrities megalithic monuments how Stonehenge, which dates from about 3,000 years to C.

For visit the sepulcher of Huerta Montero, are made Guided visits half an hour from Friday to Saturday, although it varies according to the time of year, so I advise you to call the Almendralejo tourist office (924 666 967) to specify your possible visit. Tickets are free.

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