Galicia - Stories of shipwrecks and barnacles in Punta Roncudo on the Costa da Morte

Lighthouse Roncudo on the Costa da Morte of Galicia

The Punta O Roncudo It is one of the emblematic and most historic corners of the Costa da Morte in Galicia.

Even on a day with calm waters, such as those when I had the opportunity to visit this corner, the Punta O Roncudo it gives you the feeling that the fame of the wild sea that has earned this coastal area of ​​Galicia It has all the sense of the world.

This disturbing sensation undoubtedly prompts the presence of three white stone crosses that are arranged on the rocks surrounding the Roncudo Lighthouse, at concello from Ponteceso.

Located in the northern part of the exit of the Corme estuary, formed by the Anllons River, and where you can enjoy the beautiful dune landscapes that you find in the hiking trail Caminos do Mar, is an area where there have always been many shipwrecks.

Lighthouse Roncudo on the Costa da Morte of Galicia

But it is also an area where barnacles have a great role. In fact, those of Snoring they have the reputation of being the best barnacles of Galicia. You can see them walking among the rocks that continuously suffer the blows of the strong waves.

Visit Punta O Roncudo

In the visit of the tip O Roncudo, which is a kilometer and a half from the population of Corme, I had the opportunity to hear the stories of shipwrecks and barnacles told by a whole character, Suso List.

Cross on the rocks of Punta O Roncudo on the Costa da Morte de Galicia

Percebeiro until recently, and now a television series actor, explains that the crosses you can see at various points in this area of Costa da Morte They are in tribute to fishermen whose bodies never appeared. Their widows or descendants continue to take care of them.

It is estimated that more than 150 fishermen have died in recent years, although in recent times there have been hardly any deaths.

Suso he tells us that in the Costa da Morte There is a very special deal with death. As a curiosity, on the day of the dead people in the area spend the night in the cemeteries.

Views of the Costa da Morte from Punta O Roncudo in Galicia

Another expression of what they meant the wrecks until just a few decades ago, it was that when it was known that a merchant ship had been shipwrecked, all the people on the coast were going to look for the products they were transporting, and that in the case of food, this piracy allowed the population of Costa da Morte subsist for a period of time.

As Suso explains, the reason that among those rocks is raised the best barnacle of Galicia it is because of the combination between their special substrate and the light, favored by the waves that continuously cover and discover the barnacles.

Rocks with barnacles at the tip O Roncudo of the Costa da Morte in Galicia

The barnacle stories They are also stories of illegal fishing. The barnacle is worked in fallow, and must be periodically allowed to regenerate, which implies not fishing in certain areas of rocks. But this is not always the case.

On the other hand, being barnacle is a profession of risk. In past times many barnacles have died swallowed by the waves, in many cases for having gone alone to fishing.

Currently, barnacles are collected with much more security, as it goes in groups, in which there are more and more women. In addition, the barnacles now also wear wetsuits.

Rocks with barnacles at the tip O Roncudo of the Costa da Morte in Galicia

Of the peculiar characteristics of this fishing activity, the fact that only from the end of the 90s the barnacles have begun to be listed as autonomous in the Social Security.

He Faro O Roncudo, in Corme, it is certainly a essential visit in Costa da Morte. And better on a day of great waves.

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