Vienna - Guided tours and events of the 150th anniversary of Ringstrasse Avenue

Museums and Parliament in Ringstrasse in Vienna © WienTourismus_Christian Stemper

I have been traveling to Vienna, I recognize it, and that although it is one of the first major European cities that I visited when I started traveling.

The year 2015 can be a good occasion for again travel to Vienna Well, the 150th anniversary of the avenue Ringstrasse, the most important in the city and monumental axis of the Austrian capital.

your Vienna visit It will be marked by long walks along this great circular avenue in which some of its most important monuments follow.

Ringstrasse history of Vienna

It was in 1857 when the emperor Francisco Jose launched the project of build a great boulevard avenue with the purpose of joining the Viennese suburbs to the center of imperial power.

Ringstrasse of Vienna © WienTourismus_Christian Stemper

It was on May 1, 1865 when the emperor inaugurated the Ringstrasse, although by then only part of it was finished.

The construction of this avenue considered one of the most beautiful in the world (I attest ...) lasted for 50 years in which its 5.3 kilometers in length was completed, with a width that is currently 57 meters.

The most important Vienna Ringstrasse monuments they are his famous Opera; he Parliament; he town hall; he Hofburg Palace / Neue Burg; he Museum of Art History; he Museum of Natural History; the Votive Church, in neo-Gothic style and the second highest in Vienna; and the Vienna University.

Guided tours Ringstrasse Vienna

On the occasion of the aforementioned 150th anniversary, a series of guided tours in the Ringtrasse, organized by some of the institutions that have their headquarters in the great Viennese avenue.

Heldenplatz in Ringstrasse in Vienna © WienTourismus_Christian Stemper

Thus, the Museum of Natural History carries out all year round Guided visits "On the rooftops of Vienna ... «, which allow you to climb the roof of the building to enjoy the panoramic views of the Ringstrasse.

At Museum of Art History Two guided tours are offered, one on the building itself and another dedicated to Imperial Habsburg collections in the Ringstrasse.

Since May you have guided tours of the Museum Districts, and also the visit The Ringstrasse of Sigmund Freud The latter is organized by the museum dedicated to the founder of psychoanalysis.

Parliament in Ringstrasse in Vienna © WienTourismus_Christian Stemper

Throughout the year there will also be numerous activities and events at the Ringstrasse, such as music festivals, gastronomy, live opera in the square, etc ...

Finally I advise you that before travel to Vienna check the 2015 calendar of events at the Ringstrasse as well as the Ringstrasse Anniversary exhibitions which take place throughout the year in the various museums and public institutions located on the Viennese avenue.

Without a doubt, a year to return to Vienna. Do you sign up?

Video: Guided bus tour of City of Vienna organized during UNIDOs One-Belt-One-Road event (November 2019).