Navarra - Photographic walk through the natural park of the Bardenas Reales

Corner of the Bardenas Reales in Navarra

You probably haven't traveled to Arizona, in the west coast of the United States. But do you know that in Spain there are some places that can remind you a lot of Arizona landscapes.

Its about Bardenas Reales Natural Park, which you find atsoutheast of Navarra.

It's about a semi-desert landscape of 42,000 hectares, which is also known for housing a shooting range of the Air Force, but that in certain corners you can see true whims of nature, very common in Arizona.

Corner of the Bardenas Reales in Navarra

Undoubtedly, the most prominent place in this natural park is known as Castildetierra, a rock formation in the form of a pinnacle, which has become the icon of it, and that is the result of the effects of erosion on different materials.

Bardenas Reales Pictures

As a preview of your visit, here is a gallery of Photos of the Bardenas Reales Natural Park in Navarra.

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