Poland - Outdoor Chopin concerts in the Lazienki park in Warsaw

Chopin outdoor concerts in Warsaw's Lazienki Park

Would you like to hear a concert piano with Chopin music during your Warsaw visit, in Poland?

Because in the Royal park of Lazienki well listen free a Chopin concert every Sunday from May to August, just as the Varsovians do during the summer.

You may not know that Federico Chopin He is considered the most famous Warsaw. Especially during the first part of his life he was closely linked to the Polish capital, where he was born, studied music and gave his first concerts.

Outdoor Chopin concerts in Warsaw's Lazienki Park

Specifically his life in Warsaw largely developed in various places called Royal Route, long succession of avenues that unites the royal castle located in the Warsaw Old Town with the set of palaces and parks of Wilanow, which is already outside the city of Warsaw.

So, he lived in the Saski Palace, which was destroyed during the WWII and of which there is only one archway where the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Outdoor Chopin concerts in Warsaw's Lazienki Park

With his parents he also resided in the Kazimierzowski Palace, which is now a headquarters of the Warsaw University. as well as in the Czapski Palace, where today is the Academy of Fine Arts.

In the aforementionedRoyal Route, not far from the most central area of ​​the Polish capital, is the Royal park of Lazienki, a large garden that houses a palace complex. It is actually one of the largest parks and palaces in Europe.

Chopin Monument

There you can also see the Monument to Federico Chopin It was opened in 1926 and has become one of the symbols of the city of Warsaw.

Chopin monument in Warsaw's Lazienki park

And it is precisely at the foot of this monument when each Sunday Chopin concerts are held outdoors in spring and summer.

If you go at 12 in the morning or at 4 in the afternoon, you will check the undoubtedly symbolic character of these concerts that concentrate hundreds of Warsawians and that it is an unavoidable date for tourists, as was my case during my recent trip to Warsaw.

This garden and palace set located near the center of the city dates back to the second half of the 17th century, although most of the buildings were built in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Outdoor Chopin concerts in Warsaw's Lazienki Park

Until the 20s of the 19th century the park was closed to the inhabitants of Warsaw.

At present, the various palaces of the Real Lazienki Park They are used by different cultural institutions, and are the venue for exhibitions and concerts.

Palace of the Island in Warsaw's Lazienki Park

The most prominent building is called island palace, one of the icons of Warsaw.

Located on an island surrounded by canals, Polish kings used to make large receptions, but now when you go to the island palace, if you wish you can navigate in some gondolas that furrow the channels that surround it.

Gondolas through the canals of Warsaw's Lazienki Park

Of course, at Real Lazienki Park You will not be able to go by bicycle, and if you go with children, they will not be able to use skates. It is forbidden not to scare away squirrels that you will see with great ease, or peacocks.

In summary, if your visit to the Polish capital coincides with a Sunday from May to August, you know, at 12 in the morning or 4 in the afternoon you have your appointment with the Chopin concert. Thus you will live the great interest that the famous Polish musician arouses among his fellow citizens.

Palace in Warsaw's Lazienki Park

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