This is the visit of the Sé de Lisboa

Sé de Lisboa Cathedral in the Alfama neighborhood

yourvisit of the beautiful city of Lisbon, in Portugal, will be incomplete if you do not know any of its main monuments, such as St. George's Castle or his Cathedral.

Precisely climbing towards the aforementioned castle, in the surroundings of the popular Alfama neighborhood, and on the tourist route tram 28 that takes you to him Saint Lucia viewpoint, is where you will find the historic building of the Lisbon Cathedral.

You should know that the cathedral is known as I know about Lisbon, and it is the oldest church in the city.

Sé de Lisboa Cathedral in the Alfama neighborhood

Effectively. the current cathedral was built from 1147, the year in which Lisbon was reconquered to muslims by the army of Alfonso Enriquez and a group of crusaders from northern Europe.

The church was built in the place that until then occupied the main mosque.

Central nave of the Sé de Lisboa cathedral

But the vestiges of human occupation date back to a much earlier time, as noted in the excavations since 1990 they are taking place in the courtyard of the cathedral cloister.

There have been found remains of the Phoenician occupation, as well as those of a commercial street that was during the time of the Romans.

The I know Lisbon It was built in romantic style, but with the passage of time other architectural styles were incorporated, since the church has had numerous reforms.

Gothic cloister of Sé cathedral in Lisbon

Thus, in the thirteenth century next to the church a gothic style convent. Later, the earthquake that suffered Lisbon in 1755 brought down the presbytery and the lantern that crowned the cruise.

Now when visits the Sé de Lisboa First you will see the facade and the main nave in Romanesque style. But then inside there are corners and elements of Gothic style.

Main altar of the Sé cathedral in Lisbon

Specifically, the old 13th-century cloister, in which excavations are being carried out, is Gothic in style.

During your walk inside the cathedral you can see the treasure, where the relics of Saint Vincent, patron of Lisbon, the sacristy, several Gothic-style graves and, as a curiosity, a mud nativity scene that is shown in one of the chapels.

Departure from Sé cathedral in Lisbon

The Visiting Hours of the Sé de Lisboa They are, every day, from 10 to 19 hours.

Photos Be from Lisbon

Here you have more pictures of the cathedral of Lisbon, what do you find in the Alfama neighborhood.