Barcelona - A walk through the very tourist market of La Boquería

La Boqueria Market in La Rambla in Barcelona

Recently the La Boqueria market from Barcelona has been news for the limitation that the city council has established for the tourist group access.

This measure is a consequence of the request made by the merchants of La Boqueria to avoid the large agglomerations of tourists that occur at certain times of the day, which appear to be disrupting normal trade among regular customers.

Located in a strategic place of the very touristy Rambla, he Boqueria market It has become a benchmark in Europe among the markets that have the most attraction for visitors to Barcelona.

La Boqueria Market in La Rambla in Barcelona

History La Boqueria

Opened in 1840, La Boqueria It is the first of the city's municipal markets.

The commercial spirit of this enclave dates back to the early thirteenth century when in the Boqueria square meat stalls were installed. In later centuries in that area various markets were installed that were known by different names.

In reality the market as we know it now has its origin in the decision taken in 1835 to tear down the convent of San José with the intention of creating a square similar to the nearby one Royal Square, with its characteristic porches, and thus take advantage to regulate the street market that was installed in the square.

La Boqueria Market in La Rambla in Barcelona

The market was opened in 1840, being the first of the city's municipal markets. In 1914 the metal roof was finished.

Currently the La Boqueria market part ofEuropean network Emporion of food markets of excellence, being considered one of the most important in the world.

Visit La Boqueria

I have already commented more times in this blog that I am passionate about visit the markets during the visit of the cities, because I consider it a very interesting way to measure the pulse of the city.

La Boqueria Market in La Rambla in Barcelona

I had not visited the La Boqueria marketbut in my recent Trip to Barcelona I took the opportunity to take a walk through it.

And the truth is that I got an impression of some harassment given the large number of tourists that were crowded by this market that currently has about 300 seats.

A sample of this tourist boom is that many of the stalls offer products designed for the immediate consumption of visitors, as is the case of juices or glasses of fruit that are sold for one euro or 1.50 euros.

La Boqueria Market in La Rambla in Barcelona

The limitation of access to tourists is for groups of 15 or more people, and covers only Fridays and Saturdays in the morning.

In any case, the truth is that despite the maelstrom of people who visit every day, La Boqueria Maintains much of its charm. Another question is whether excess tourism will eventually kill the golden egg hen.

La Boqueria market pictures

Here you have more photos of the La Boqueria market, which you can visit in the Rambla de Barcelona nº 91.