Extremadura - Photographic walk through the rural architecture of Guadalupe

Columbus Fountain in the Plaza de Santa María de Guadalupe

your visit of Guadalupe Monastery, in Cáceres, it has a double appeal, which you will see as soon as you arrive at the small town where this great settlementExtremadura monument.

Stroll through the known since the fourteenth century as Puebla de Guadalupe already justifies the trip to this enclave of the region of The Villuercas, east of the province.

While the historic monastery will focus the most attention on your visit, one of the arguments that incorporate Guadeloupe in the Route of Isabel the Catholic in Extremadura.

Seville Arch in Guadalupe in Extremadura

The origin of Guadeloupe it goes back to a hermitage that rose where it was supposed to have appeared at the end of the 13th century an image of the Virgin which had been hidden at the beginning of the 8th century by several clerics in their flight from Muslims. According to a legend, this image had been sculpted by Saint lucas.

Subsequently, between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries the Guadalupe Monastery, now declared World Heritage by Unesco, and at that time the first inhabitants of the town settled around them.

Gregorio López's house in Guadalupe in Extremadura

Now, when you have the chance to stroll through Guadalupe, you will find a very pretty town, with a characteristic rural architecture of wooden arches.

You will also see various historical buildings that were former hospitals, such as where the current one is Hospedería de Guadalupe. Or the old Infants College, which now houses the Parador de Guadalupe.

Corner of the Plaza de Santa María de Guadalupe

You will also pass under medieval arches, and you will see fountains, such as that of the main town square, with the baptismal font that was used to baptize two Indians who came from America withChristopher Columbus in the year 1500.

Pictures Guadalupe in Extremadura

As I anticipate the post I publish telling you what you can see during your walk, here is a gallery of Photos of Guadalupe in Extremadura.

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