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Hotel booking on TripAdvisor @Foto: TripAdvisor

I remember that, as a travel lover, in my beginnings as an Internet user one of the tools that caught my attention and I soon started using it was TripAdvisor.

Who has not used TripAdvisor when planning a trip for the hotel selection?

TripAdvisor It is one of those pioneering Internet tools that I still use today, in the same way that, for example, I still use Google search.

Of course, over time TripAdvisor has evolved in a way that has become one of the players more important and with greater force operate in the tourism sector, having changed the way of marketing hotels.

Hotel booking on TripAdvisor @Foto: TripAdvisor

In the field of opinions, this evolution allows that now in TripAdvisor We can find not only opinions about hotels, but also about destinations and their attractions.

In this way, you can consult opinions on monuments, museums and other types of tourist attractions, as well as comments on restaurants or tourist services, specifically, guided tours and excursions.

The result, as you will know, is that TripAdvisor It is a very useful tool to consult before starting your trip.

Now, what you may not know is that TripAdvisor currently also offers you the possibility of making your hotel reservation.

Bohemia Suites & Spa, Travelers' Choice Hotel Winner 2015 Hotels @Foto: TripAdvisor

In fact, already in it home from TripAdvisor A single form is shown where, by selecting the hotels section, you can search for a specific establishment, or by typing the name of the city or town you are going to visit, you will have the result of a list with all available hotels on the dates previously indicated.

In this list of hotels, in addition to some opinions on those that appear in it, you already find a first price offer.

It is in the file of each of the hotels where they are shownagency offers on-line TripAdvisor partners, always the most important and popular, as well as the hotel chains themselves.

Finca Prats Hotel Golf & Spa, Travelers' Choice Hotel Winner 2015 Hotels @Foto: TripAdvisor

Of course, in the file of each hotel, the opinions of the users who have enjoyed the accommodation, the great discovery in their day and current icon of the success of TripAdvisor all over the world.

And among those opinions you will find those of your friends from Facebook.

Once the hotel has been selected from those mentioned Customer Reviews is when you can make your reservation by clicking directly on one of the offers in the box that presents you «the best prices for your stay«, Which will take you to the agency pages on-line correspondent.

What you will see is the result of a search on more than 200 collaborating websites to already offer a selection with the best prices, which will allow you to achieve savings of up to 30 percent on your accommodation.

The summary is that when making your reservation, on TripAdvisor you can search among 1.5 million hotels worldwide.

Now, as you know, it is increasingly common that the search and reservation of hotels is done using our mobile.

Instant Booking feature for booking hotels on TripAdvisor @Foto: TripAdvisor

To this end, TripAdvisor has recently launched the function of instant booking through its mobile application, which is called Instant Booking.

This function, which is already active in the United States, allows users to do the entire process of selection and reservation of hotels without leaving the website or the mobile application of TripAdvisor.

So you will find associated on the same platform the very useful opinions of hotel users with direct booking in them, taking advantage of the best price offers from the most popular agencies on-line.

In sum, a sensible improvement of the TripAdvisor mobile app which becomes the ideal tool for booking hotels.

Finally, I will tell you that the importance it has acquired TripAdvisor It is reflected in the data of its 315 million users per month, already incorporating more than 200 million opinions on 4.5 million accommodations, restaurants and places of interest around the world.

Without a doubt, an essential tool when planning a trip.

* This post collects commercial information provided by TripAdvisor of interest and usefulness for readers

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