The best photos of Costa Estoril, around Lisbon

Cascais lighthouse on Costa Estoril in the surroundings of Lisbon

Lisbon It has enormous attractions for your visit, but a tourist to the Portuguese capital is incomplete if you do not incorporate a tour of its surroundings, region known as Estoril Coast.

Effectively, very close to Lisbon you find a wide variety of attractions, such as coastal towns that maintain the manor of other times, such as Cascais or Estoril. Or that present a beautiful picture, like Azenhas de Mar.

But also coastal landscapes, such as Cabo de Roca, the most western geographical point of Europe, or theMouth of Hell. OR Beaches in which nature shows its wildest expression, such as the Guincho wave of Adraga.

And, above all, the very leafy mountain landscapes of the Sierra de Sintra, with monuments and gardens among which the Pena Palace, with its imposing location and its excellent panoramic views of Estoril Coast and the city of Lisbon itself.

Photos of Costa Estoril

As an appetizer for your possible trip to know this very attractive and recommended area of Portugal, then you have a gallery with the best photos of Estoril Coast, in the Lisbon surroundings.

Video: PORTUGAL: Cascais & Estoril coast near Lisbon (November 2019).