Marrakech - Saadies Tombs, hidden mausoleum of great architectural beauty

Room of the Twelve Columns in the Saadies Tombs in Marrakech

One of the corners not too well known that you should not miss in your trip to Marrakech, in Morocco, Are the Saadies Tombs.

And I say corner because they are in an area that has remained virtually hidden for centuries, until in 1917 it was rediscovered and open access to it.

The Saadies Tombs you find them in the Kasbah of the Medina of Marrakech.

Room of the Twelve Columns in the Saadies Tombs in Marrakech

If you enter this walled enclosure crossing under the beautiful Bab Agnaou Gate, on the southeast side of the Medina wall, right in front of you you find the great Kasba Mosque, and on the right, through a narrow passage, you can access this beautiful corner of Marrakech.

History Tombs Saadies

He origin of the Saadies Tombs of Marrakech It goes back to the time when the Saad dynasty reigned in Morocco, between the years between 1524 and 1659.

Saadies tombs in Marrakech

The sultan Ahmed El Mansour, also know as The GoldenHe decided to build a mausoleum in 1557 on his father's grave, which is known as the Mausoleum of Lalla Messaouda.

But it is later when it is decided to build another new mausoleum, this formed by three rooms joined by doors to each other, and in which the central room, known as the Room of the Twelve Columns, Now he shows us a decoration of incredible beauty.

After the fall of the Saadí dynasty, the Alawite Sultan Mulai Ismail he ordered to destroy all the vestiges of the Saadis, which meant the destruction of palaces and other buildings.

Saadies tombs in Marrakech

You will see a sample of it if you visit the nearbyEl Badi Palace, whose historic strength is barely left the walls.

In the case of Saadies Tombs it was simply decided to hide them, so that, until the aforementioned rediscovery in 1907, their enclosure was hidden behind a closed door that is located in the Kasba Mosque.

Visit Saadies Tombs

When you go through the current access to Saadies Tombs of Marrakech, you enter an enclosure with a garden area (quite neglected) and completely surrounded by high walls.

Room of the Twelve Columns in the Saadies Tombs in Marrakech

Possibly you will see a long line of visitors; you will have to stand in line because they are waiting to see the mausoleum of the Room of the Twelve Columns.

On one side of the garden you will see the Mausoleum of Lalla Messaouda, with the ground covered by elongated stones, which are the first Saadian tombs that you will see. Also, the decoration of this mausoleum is a simple preview of the jewel you will see.

Indeed, after queuing, you reach a very narrow door, where there are barely two people; From here you will be able to appreciate the enormous beauty of the decoration of the aforementioned Room of the Twelve Columns.

Walls of the Kasbah of Marrakech from the enclosure of the Saadies Tombs

This block-shaped room, with ten meters on each side, shows us one of the most beautiful corners what are you going to find in Marrakech.

On the ground you will see several saadies tombs, but the combination between twelve columns of Carrara marble, the decorated ceiling of cedar wood with gold reliefs, and the beautiful lighting, will tempt you to have a good time appreciating its architectural beauty.

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The walls are decorated with glazed tiles, and above the friezes, the walls are covered with stucco with the characteristic honeycomb drawing.

Saadies tombs in Marrakech

One tip: remember that behind you are the line with numerous visitors waiting for you to finish and allow them to look out the porch.

Next to the Room of the Twelve Columns there are two other smaller and more austere rooms, the so-called Room of the Three Niches and the Mirhab room.

Finally, when planning your visit to the Saadian Tombs of Marrakech, keep in mind your schedule, because they are closed between 11.45 and 14.00 hours. In the morning they open at 8.30 am, and in the afternoon they close at 5:45 pm.

Room of the Twelve Columns in the Saadies Tombs in Marrakech

He price of admission To visit the Saadian Tombs is 10 DH (0.90 euros).

Pictures Saadies Tombs of Marrakech

Here you have more Photos of the Saadies Tombs, one of the hidden corners that you should not miss on your trip to Marrakech.

Video: Magical Marrakech Saadian Tombs (November 2019).