Asturias - How to climb Brañagallones in the Natural Park of Redes

Brañagallones in the Networks park in Asturias

The most visited place in theRedes Natural Park, at Nalón Valley from Asturias, is called Vega Brañagallones.

It is a large meadow located in the mountainous massif of this natural park where many traditional livestock huts are concentrated, which offers us one of the most beautiful landscapes of it.

Since Brañagallones You have the possibility of hiking on different signposted routes that run along the nearby summits that already border the province of León.

How to get to Brañagallones

To get to Vega Brañagallones, which is 1,240 meters high, there is a dirt track, but with the limitation that access is cut to vehicles that are not authorized.

Therefore, visitors who want to access the brand have two alternatives.

From your accommodation in one of the hotels and rural houses of the Nalón River Valley you must go to the small town of Bezanes, where you find a wide parking right at the beginning of the rural road that amounts to Brañagallones, which is 11 kilometers away.

Brañagallones in the Networks park in Asturias

From the parking lot,walk up It will take you about two and a half hours.

The strongest slopes are found in the first sections, while in the second part of the route the road is more tended.

Or you can also get on a mountain bike.

Brañagallones in the Networks park in Asturias

Walking down will take about two hours.

Upload to Brañagallones in 4 × 4

The second alternative is hire an excursion at Interpretation Center of the Redes Natural Park, in the village of Caseor a 4 × 4 taxi.

Brañagallones in the Networks park in Asturias

In the latter case, these are all-terrain vehicles that can bring you closer to the different mountainous areas of the Redes Natural Park for its ability to drive on the many times steep rural roads.

So for climb to Brañagallones you canhire a taxi all terrain which will take you to the braña to enjoy the beautiful landscapes for a short while and then get off in the same vehicle.

Of course, it is usual to use the all-terrain vehicle to climb and then, after the visit, walk down.

Brañagallones in the Networks park in Asturias

You also have the option of climbing in the morning and after spending the day hiking on the peaks or, simply resting in the meadow, getting off in the same taxi, which will go up to look for you at a specific time. In this case, the cost will be like that of another new service.

In the recent visit I made to BrañagalloneYes, I had the chance to get in the all-terrain taxi of Rafael Fernandez (689893051), who actually fulfills more the function of tour guide than that of a simple taxi driver.

Brañagallones in the Networks park in Asturias

Its continuous explanations during the tour, making us know the characteristics of the natural site (fauna, flora ...) and the traditional way of life of the farmers, enrich the excursion and allows you to better appreciate the landscapes and understand the culture of the inhabitants of this remote area of ​​Asturias.

In the video inserted in this post you can see a summary of their explanations.

Brañagallones Pictures

Here you have more photos of the Brañagallones landscape in the natural park of Redes in Asturias.