South Africa - Gastronomic experiences to live in Cape Town

Old Biscuit Mill food market in Cape Town in South Africa

The gastronomy it will also have its role during your trip to South Africa, where you can enjoy a combination of international style food, with elaborate dishes, and the most typical African.

Now in your Cape Town visit You can enjoy true experiences that transcend gastronomy.

In all cases, as I discovered during my trip to South Africa, above all it is a way of living the characteristic environment of this peculiar African country.

The Old Biscuit Mill

On the one hand it is The Old Biscuit Mill, an old cookie factory that in 2005 was converted into a shopping center that brings together craft shops and art workshops.

In this meeting place of the white population of Cape Town on saturday mornings the Neighborhood Market, a large market where local farmers and small producers are concentrated who in an informal way offer cooked food, where organic foods have a great prominence.

When you arrive at lunchtime at this great market, you must first find and buy the foods that you most want to eat, as well as the drink to accompany them.

You will find a great offer, and also many people, with whom you will then have to compete to find a place in the tables and benches where you will sit and eat.

Old Biscuit Mill food market in Cape Town in South Africa

All this in a very festive atmosphere where young people and groups of friends are mostly, as you can see when watching the video that accompanies this article.

Barbecue in Gugulethu

But if you want to live a festive atmosphere in which black and white populations are mixed, the best place to do it in Cape Town is to go to enjoy a popular barcacoa (braai) in Gugulethu, on the outskirts of the city.

Gugulethu It is one of the great slums of shanty towns that were created in the early 1960s, at the time of apartheid, where today about a hundred thousand people live badly.

Since 2005 in the establishment Mzolis the typical ones take place every day of the week South African barbecues.

But it is on the weekends when the greatest atmosphere is lived, and it is possibly the only place of Cape Town where whites, blacks ... and tourists coexist in this way.

Barbecue in Mzolis in Gugulethu in Cape Town

When you get to Mzolis First you must choose the meat you want to be cooked on the barbecue. It is convenient to arrive soon as long lines form.

While you wait for it to be cooked, you will look for a table in the beach bar where you are going to eat, while you drink the first beer.

Slowly Mzolis is gaining atmosphere, which acquires its greatest strength when the DJ He will alternate his music with that of a live band.

Barbecue in Mzolis in Gugulethu in Cape Town

In a mostly young environment, where tourists are an absolute minority, in the end you will surely end up dancing to the rhythm of the music, and you will also have lost count of the beers that you have had.

African Café

He African Caféis possibly Cape Town's most touristy restaurant.

African Café in Cape Town

This restaurant will receive you with a colorful African-style decoration, and in one of its various rooms, always full of tourists, you will taste the most typical dishes of African food, far from European specialties.

The surprise that awaits you is when at the end of the meal the waiters who have been serving you will be touring the restaurant while singing African songs and rhythms. A festive atmosphere that complements your dining experience.

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