Navarra - This is a walk through the gorge of the Foz de Lumbier

Gorge of the Foz de Lumbier in Navarra

Just over half an hour southeast of Pamplona, in Navarre, you can walk through a deep gorge that fly over Griffon vultures and other raptors. It's about the Foz de Lumbier.

You will be in a nature reserve that extends along just over a kilometer between the vertical cliffs of the defile created by the erosion of Irati river.

In this beautiful natural enclave you will have the opportunity to see, in addition to the mentioned vultures, other raptors such as vultures, falcons or swifts.

Birds of prey on the gorge of the Foz de Lumbier in Navarra

For get to the Foz de Lumbier you have to leave the A21 towards the town of Lumbier, and go to the parking lot at the entrance of the gorge.

The simplest is to make the so-called short walk, with a journey of only 2.6 kilometers, round trip. This walk follows the path of the old Irati railway, from which you can still see some signage and the poles that once supported the power line.

This path enters the narrow gorge and you will pass through two sections of very dark tunnels.

Gorge of the Foz de Lumbier in Navarra

The advice for your walk is to look towards the cliffs of the gorge, where you will find vulture nests, in addition to being able to see the overflight bird of prey.

This short walk ends, once crossed the gorge, in the so-called Devil's Bridge.

From there, if you have time and desire, you can do the so-called long tour, which returns to the parking lot at the top of the gorge.

Old railway tunnel in the Foz de Lumbier in Navarra

This long tour It has a total length of 5.5 kilometers, and it will take you two hours to complete.

Photos Foz de Lumbier

In advance of your visit, below you have a photo gallery of the Foz de Lumbier, with images of the gorge, the path through the old railway track, and the overflight of various birds of prey.

How to get to the Foz de Lumbier

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