Córdoba - A walk through the exterior doors of the Mosque

Al Hakan II doors in the Mosque of Cordoba

There are many attractive corners of the imposing monument of the Mosque of Cordoba, which will force you to visit it with sufficient time and attention.

While it is in its majestic hall of columns where you will be absolutely impressed, you will have to pay attention already outside the great enclosure of the mosque. Specifically, at its doors.

Indeed, to get to visit its interior previously you must access what is known asPatio de los Naranjos, where you can enter through several doors, the main one being known asDoor of Forgiveness.

Puerta del Perdón in the Mosque of Córdoba

At the foot of the old Muslim minaret, now converted into a bell tower, the door of forgiveness It dates from 1377 and has two horseshoe arches inside and outside.

Now, apart from these open doors that allow you to enter the beautiful courtyard, the building has other old doors that gave access to the religious site, and are currently blinded, specifically in its north and south facades.

The most prominent are those of the latter facade, known asDoors of Al Hakan II.

Al Hakan II doors in the Mosque of Cordoba

They are located in the area of ​​the extension of the building that took place in the 10th century, and are a great example of the sumptuous decoration of the time Andalusian.

Photos doors Mezquita Córdoba

To check what has been said, here are more Photos of the exterior doors of the Mosque of Cordoba.