Hotel María Cristina in San Sebastián, tradition and elegance of the Belle Epoque

Hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastian

Since the beginning of my traveling history,Saint Sebastian It has been located in my personal top of the cities of greatest beauty and charm that you can visit in Spain.

It was at the beginning of the first trip that I made by car in Europe, with just 18 years old, when I discovered the incredible charm of this city.

Since then, several of its corners and experiences have remained in my traveling memory, so that over the years I have tried to repeat them.

Hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastian

The beautiful image of theLa Concha Beach (The prettiest in Spain?), Or theOld Town and its tapas bars, where I discovered the genuine charm of this gastronomic experience.

Hefishing port, with that flavor that the Cantabrian ports had then; or theMonte Igueldo, with its funicular from 1912, the charm of its almost toy amusement park, and its spectacular panoramic views of the bay.

But, without a doubt, what struck me the most in that first trip was finding me withAlfonso Sánchez, the most popular and television film critic of the time.

The traditional one was celebratedinternational Film Festival that since 1943 takes place every September, and in that fortuitous encounter I dared to cross a few words with him when he left theMaria Cristina Hotelto go to the next oneVictoria Eugenia Theater, main venue of the event.

Since then, this hotel was also associated with my image of thisbeautiful city of Euskadi.

But really theMaria Cristina Hotel It has always been part of the image of tradition and special charm that this Basque city has.

Hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastian

Since its inauguration in 1912, elegance and glamor with styleBelle Epoque they are characteristics of the hotel that bears the name of the regent queen who inaugurated it.

Designed by the architect of theRitz hotels, heMaria Cristina Hotel During its long history it has received the most illustrious visitors of the city. But this story is especially linked to that of the aforementioned film festival, because in the luxurious hotel all the great stars who have attended it have stayed.

The list is endless, and there are directors likeFederico FelliniAlfred HitchcockKing VidorOrson WellesLuis BuñuelFrancis Ford Copolla orSteven Spielberg.

Hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastian

Also actors likeKirk DouglasRichard Burton orFernando Rey, and actresses likeDeborah KerrGloria SwansonElizabeth Taylor orArgentine Empire.

With a five-star category since 1987, in theMaria Cristina Hotel a comprehensive renovation was carried out just before the celebration of its centenary, reopening its doors in July 1912.

HeMaria Cristina Hotel maintains in the decoration of rooms and common areas the classic style of theBelle EpoqueThey have always characterized him, although with the inclusion of more feminine colors such as gray, turquoise, lilac and gold.

In this way, yourluxury and glamor still associated with the traditional image of the city ofSaint Sebastian.


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