Switzerland - The Best Photos of Freiburg

Panoramic views of Freiburg in Switzerland

One of the most attractive cities to visit in a travel through Switzerland is possibly Freiburg, which I had the opportunity to meet on my last trip to that country.

It is a city ​​of medieval origin located in a truly spectacular enclave.

Surrounded by lush forests, Freiburg it extends along the slopes of the hills that surround the deep valley created by the river Sarine (in French; Saane, in German), which runs creating winding meanders.

Fountain of Courage in the medieval district of Auge in Freiburg

Therefore in Freiburg You will find very different environments, so as you walk through the city, it will seem to you that you are in very different places, including truly rural landscapes.

Freiburg It is a city with long university tradition, but whose main cultural characteristic is that it represents the border between French Switzerland and German Switzerland.

Thus, in your visit you will be able to see how both languages ​​coexist, although currently the use of French is the majority.

Freiburg Cathedral in Switzerland

An important element in your walk through the beautiful city will be the characteristics medieval fountains of Freiburg, which you will find in the main squares of the city, as well as the tour of the medieval neighborhood of Auge.

Freiburg Pictures

Below you have a gallery with the best photos of Freiburg.

Video: The Swiss City of Fribourg. Euromaxx (November 2019).