Granada - The experience of staying in an apartment in the Albaicín

Smart Suites apartments at Albaicín in Granada

In my recent trip to Granadawhose main objective was rediscover the AlhambraI had the opportunity to stay in an apartment in the charming Albaicín neighborhood.

In recent months, on several of the trips I have chosen the tourist apartment formula instead of the hotel.

And on this occasion, in addition, I was interested in staying in such an emblematic place of Pomegranate as is the aforementioned neighborhood of Albaicín, which I remember is part of the list of World Heritage of the Unesco.

Solar MontesClaros Apartments in the Albaicín de Granada

The advantages which, from my point of view, has stay in a tourist apartment is that you really feel at home.

In addition, in front of a hotel, the quality / price ratio is much better since you can enjoy a spacious and comfortable accommodation, and with all the necessary equipment to have autonomy at mealtime, if you prefer, or in others activities during your stay.

Of course, if you travel with family or friends it becomes a much more suitable type of accommodation than the hotel.

For the apartment choice I've tried the services of, web of tourist apartments that I already used in my trip to la Rioja Last summer

Mirador de San Cristobal apartments in the Albaicín de Granada

If you don't know her yet, I'll tell you that is the web of apartments of, the world leader in tourist accommodation, with more than 825,000 establishments and properties and more than 285 million guests during the last year.

That's why when you access its operation is so familiar to you, which gives you all the confidence.

Apartments in Albaicín

At the time of look for an apartment in the Albaicín, you find a wide and interesting offer. And to be able to choose, you have very extensive information, as you already know about

First, a large photo gallery, which will allow you to see the characteristics of the different apartments, as well as their location in the Albaicín, in many cases with The Alhambra as a great visual protagonist.

Smart Suites apartments at Albaicín in Granada

You also have extensive information on the general equipment of the establishment, as well as each of the apartments, with the possibility of selecting the type of apartment and the capacity that best suits your needs, and its availability of dates.

And, of course, you have a interactive map which allows you to see the exact location of the different apartments offered in the Albaicín, although they no longer have availability on the dates you are looking for.

In my case I opted for Smart suites, an apartment building located in the heart of Albaicín, just five minutes from the new Square, and on the other hand, also just five minutes from the icon place that is the Saint Nicholas' lookout.

Paseo de los Tristes apartments in the Albaicín in Granada

With a simple but comfortable decoration type Ikea, in these apartments I could enjoy the feeling of being almost at home, and in an ideal enclave for the visit of Granada.

In addition to their situation, another advantage of these apartments is the availability of parking, where the car was protected during the entire stay in the Nasrid city.

Of course, I anticipate that it is not easy to circulate through the narrow streets of this labyrinthine neighborhood, and the browser does not offer you the precise information to do so, so you will need to follow the advice offered in the booking receipt.

In sum, a good experience of accommodation in an apartment in the iconic neighborhood of Granada, and with all the advantages of booking on a website like