France - This is the visit of the Gothic cathedral of Rodez in Aveyron

Gothic cathedral of Rodez in Aveyron in southern France

A journey through the region of Midi-Pyreneessouth of Francefor for example visit Toulouse or tour the route of the most beautiful villages of Aveyron, you must have a stage in Rodez, capital of this department.

And already during your walk through the medieval center of Rodez, a small city that is 150 kilometers northeast of Toulouse, will undoubtedly be your Notre Dame Cathedral, the great monument that will arouse your greatest interest.

You will be before a Gothic cathedral Built between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries, one of the largest cathedrals in southern France.

West facade of the gothic cathedral of Rodez in southern France

Indeed, the Rodez Cathedral It has a plant 107 meters long, 36 meters wide and 30 meters high under the vault.

And it is precisely inside where you find its greatest attraction and artistic richness.

Its exterior shows a very peculiar configuration, because where the main entrance porch is supposed to be, in what is the west facade, you will find a large wall, without any door. With a totally sober look.

Which is the reason?

Choir of the gothic cathedral of Rodez in southern France

It is explained because when the cathedral began to be built in 1277, this facade was an integral part of the city wall, which you can still see by the stretch of wall that extends north, next to the Episcopal palace, another of the outstanding monuments of Rodez.

In this way, in the aforementioned west facade only in the upper part of the central structure you can see a large rose window and decorative details of the style flamboyant gothic That characterizes the church.

On both sides, two flat termination towers of different height. The bell tower of the 16th century, with its 87 meters high, is the tallest flat tower in France.

Portico of the gothic cathedral of Rodez in southern France

The construction of the Rodez Cathedral It was delayed for various reasons. from the Hundred Years War and plague epidemics, even divergences in one's own Bishopric of Rodez.

As a consequence, the cathedral building was not completed until 300 years after its beginning.

Visit cathedral Rodez

Inside the cathedral of Rodez you will enter through a sumptuous porch that opens on the south facade, on which another rose window is located. Before entering, look at the numerous gargoyles that extend along the facade.

Interior of the gothic cathedral of Rodez in southern France

At interior of the cathedral of Notre Dame de Rodez There are several corners that will get your attention. For example, the choir of the fifteenth century, with a fine wooden decoration.

Or the great altarpiece of the Chapel of the Holy Sepulcher. Wave Chapel of the Holy Sacrament, with its coffered ceiling.

You should also look at the imposing organ of the seventeenth century. And in relation to the stained glass windows, the ones of contemporary design made by Stephane Belzere.

Photos cathedral of Rodez

Here you have a large gallery of Photos of the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Rodez that you can visit in the department of Aveyron in the south of France.

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