The Best Photos of my trips to Galicia

Corner of Combarro in the Rías Bajas de Galicia

In the last two years he has had the opportunity to travel to Galicia a couple of times, after many years without visiting this beautiful land of northern Spain.

Specifically, thetrip to Galicia what I did on the holidays of 2012 led me to travel both Low Rias as a part of Rías Altas, not missing one visit of Santiago de Compostela, and also always enjoying excellent weather.

In this way, I have been able to visit again a great variety of places, most of them already known, such as the ancient Roman lighthouse known asTower of Hercules in To Coruña

Cabo Roncudo on the Costa da Morte of Galicia

But I've also discovered new sites, specifically, the very famous Beach of the Cathedrals, near Ribadeo, or corners like the Cape Vilán Lighthouse.

Later I also returned to visit Costa da Mortespecifically to the council of Pontecesowhere did i hiking through the natural landscape of the Anllons estuary,

In that mythical area of ​​Galicia I could also visit the fishing village ofCorme and get to Punta Roncudo lighthouse, area very famous for its barnacles.

Puerta del Dique in the Arsenal and shipyards of Ferrol in Galicia

And more recently I visited the city ​​of ferrolwhere I discovered its very interesting industrial heritage related to your historic arsenal and military shipyard.

I have also seen its most stately facet in the buildings of the modernism route, or his vindictive and artistic spirit in his Las Meninas route.

Photos of Galicia

As a complement to the different topics that I am publishing about these trips, here is a gallery with the best photos of Galicia I have done during them, with images of numerous places.

From Tui and the Santa Tecla mount, passing by Bayonne, Vigo and their Cies Island, as well as Combarro, Cambados Y Santiago de Compostela, to continue on the Costa da Morte until A Coruña, and end in Ribadeo and its surroundings, like the Pancha Island Lighthouse.

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