This is the new sunset insurance suitable for long-stay trips

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One of the aspects that we do not always take care of properly when making a travel abroad is that of sure, which is essential to consider in advance to avoid unpleasant inconveniences when an always unpredictable incident arises.

In my travel experience, not long ago, I have been able to solve the problems caused by an unexpected hospitalization of several days during a trip abroad thanks to having adequate insurance.

But I also know some case of having to bear significant economic costs for not having the necessary insurance, specifically, for a long trip to a country like the United States.

New sunset travel insurance

In this regard, Sunset, a company with a very long experience in the insurance sector, has just launched a new insurance for trips abroad, which due to the characteristics of its rate is especially advantageous for stays of at least two or three weeks.

He new sunset insurance It is offered in three modalities.

On the one hand, the modality Leisure It is suitable for holiday trips abroad, being able to integrate up to ten people in the same policy.

Modality Students It is designed for trips of Erasmus, postgraduate or even au pairs.

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And the modality Job It is ideal for people who travel abroad to work, or it can also be hired by companies that move their workers abroad, either for a time or for a long stay.

Guarantees travel insurance Sunset

Another feature of new sunset travel insurance is that includes very complete guarantees, which is very important because many times the problem that arises with the insurance contracted is that it has very limited guarantees, which in practice makes it unsuitable for certain trips and countries.

Thus, for example, it includes medical expenses that cover up to 30,000 euros, which is important in countries such as the United States given the high cost of its health. And it also covers the displacement of family members in case of hospitalization.

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This insurance has already incorporated the travel cancellation guarantee not started, which in other insurances must be hired as a supplement, as well as the cancellation of the trip due to personal circumstances and first-degree relatives.

Another aspect to highlight is the guarantee for delay or loss of flight connection, incidence of which we are not to safeguard.

Also, the new sunset travel insurance It covers the problems we may have with luggage, such as delay, loss, damage or theft.

And finally also offerslegal assistance given the most common circumstances that arose during a trip, such as legal advice, payment of legal assistance that we needed, or advancement of the amount of criminal or background bail.

Here you can check all the information about the new sunset travel insurance, in its three modalities Leisure, Students Y Job.


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