Procession program of Holy Week 2016 in Castilla y León

Holy Week procession in Avila

The Easter week It is one of the most important cultural manifestations in the community of Castilla y León, so that this holiday period becomes one of the times of greatest attraction of visitors to the region.

No doubt along with Andalusia, in Castilla y León is where the celebrations of Easter week They acquire a greater tourist relevance.

In fact, eight of the Holy Week celebrations in Castilla y León they have the declaration of International Tourist Interest, of the 23 that have it throughout Spain.

Holy Week procession in Avila

Below you have detailed information on the most prominent Holy Week processions 2016 in Castilla y León.

Holy Week in Avila

In the city of Ávila, the most outstanding procession is that of the Christ of the Battles, which takes place on Holy Wednesday, and which part of the convent of Mosén Rubí.

He Christ of the Executed chair the Via Crucis of Penance that runs along the line of the wall of Avila in the Holy Friday.

Here you have the program of Holy Week processions 2016 in Avila.

Holy Week in León

During Holy Week in León, which dates back to the 16th century, the artistic richness of the steps involved in the processions stands out, by figures made by artists such as Juan de Juni, Gregorio Fernández, Luis Salvador Carmona or Victor of the Rivers.

Check the program of Holy Week processions 2016 in León.

Holy Week in Medina del Campo

The population of Medina of the Field It has the reputation of being the first in which there were processions in Spain. Specifically, it was in 1411 when they were instituted by the Dominican San Vicente Ferrer.

And it was in Medina del Campo where the Passion of Christ on the streets.

Here you have the program of Holy Week processions 2016 in Medina del Campo.

Holy Week in Medina de Rioseco

The artistic richness of the carvings made by the most relevant imagers of the 16th and 17th centuries is what stands out in the Holy Week in Medina de Rioseco, in the province of Valladolid.

However, the first brotherhoods of this population date back to the fifteenth century, born under the protection of Convent of the Franciscans.

Check the program of Holy Week processions 2016 in Medina de Rioseco.

Holy Week in Palencia

In the celebrations that take place in Palencia, it should be noted that four of the brotherhoods that were created in Castilla after the Council of Trentor.

The oldest steps are the Virgin of the Knives or Fifth Distress, which procession with the Brotherhood of the Sepulcher.

In this link you can consult the program of Holy Week processions 2016 in Palencia.

Holy Week in Salamanca

In Salamanca one of the Easter traditions most entrenched in history in Spain, which is the celebration of Trades of the Old University Chapel, next to the ashes of Fray Luis de León.

This celebration mix of liturgical and academic act takes place on Holy Thursday within the framework of an extraordinary cloister.

Here you have the program of Holy Week processions 2016 in Salamanca.

Holy Week in Valladolid

He Holy Friday it's the big day of celebrating Holy Week in Valladolid.

In the morning in the Plaza Mayor the Sermon of the Seven Words, and in the afternoon a great procession is celebrated by the historical center of the city with the participation of thousands of brotherhoods.

It's about the General Procession of the Passion with 31 steps mostly carved between the 16th and 17th centuries.

Check the program of Holy Week processions 2016 in Valladolid.

Holy Week in Zamora

The celebration of Holy Week in Zamora It shows the visitor great contrasts, such as the night parades with hundreds of brothers procession with bare feet, all in an environment of silence and recollection, in front of the music and luminosity of daytime processions.

This is the program of Holy Week processions 2016 in Zamora.