Ghent - Floralias, this is the great exhibition of floral art in Flanders

Ghent florals in old Leopoldo barracks

This year 2016 has a very important appointment in Ghent, one of the most beautiful and monumental cities of the Flanders region in Belgium.

It's about the Floralias, floral art exhibition held every five years in the city ​​of Ghent, and that in 2016 it is celebrated from April 21 to May 1, which I had the opportunity to visit.

And I attest that it is a true wonder.

Ghent florals, floral art exhibition

The flower shows They are very popular in northern European countries such as Belgium or Holland, and these in general are celebrated with a periodicity of several years.

So, for example, I anticipate that in this year 2016 the large Flower carpetwhich from August 12 to 14 covers the Grand Place of Brussels, which can be seen every two years.

Or also mention the Floralia which for a month, until May 5, can be seen in the grand-bigard castle, in Brussels.

Although the previous exhibition was based on the site of the Expo, this year the Ghent florals they have been installed in four different enclosures in one of the city's neighborhoods, which you can access by walking between them on an established route.

The start of the visit takes place in the complex Bijloke, the great enclosure of an old hospital that goes back to the Middle Ages, and that is now a cultural center where you find from a musical auditorium to the Museum of the City of Ghent, the STAM.

Ghent florals in St. Peter's Abbey

In this first enclosure, in several large-domed greenhouses, there are various artistic compositions made with flowers and plants, such as the Bamboo walk or the azaleas area, with a presence of works by Japanese artists, and where there is no lack of an area dedicated to bonsai.

In your visit of the Floralias 2016 you go to the second enclosure, the old one Leopoldo military headquarters, a building that currently houses the Institute of Fine Arts.

In this exhibition area you can see how the large central courtyard of the enclosure has been occupied by trees and green areas where various artistic compositions are exhibited and where flowers also have a great prominence.

From there all visitors, in a long procession of people, we go to the St. Peter's Square.

Ghent florals, floral art exhibition

In that large open space, and in front of the St. Peter's Church, a large green area with flowers and several dome greenhouses, where you find more floral compositions.

The big surprise is when you access the interior of the church of the St. Peter's Abbey, of the Middle Ages, where you will see an imposing floral spider created by the florist Tomas De Bruyne, which is arranged under the dome of the building.

The play of lights and flowers that decorate the different corners of the church give a very special atmosphere.

The exhibition also extends through the halls and several rooms of the cloister of the old abbey.

Ghent florals in St. Peter's Abbey

Finally you must go to the nearby park Citadelpark, where is the great pavilion that until 30 years ago was the headquarters of the Floralias.

This metallic pavilion has become a large garden with green areas, trees and many, many flowers, and where the azalea is the main protagonist.

In short, a real wonder, and I'm already waiting for the next celebration Ghent florals I'm not going to lose

Ghent florals, floral art exhibition

Pictures Ghent Floralias

Here you have more Photos of the 2016 Ghent Floralias, a wonderful exhibition of floral art.

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