Extremadura - What to see and do in the Jerte Valley in summer

Landscape of cherry trees with cherries in the Jerte Valley

If you still don't know the Jerte ValleySurely you know of the fame that has been gained by the beauty of its landscapes during thecherry blossoming season, in early April.

I have been able to verify this during my visits to this valley at that time of year, with beautifulcar routes Among cherry blossoms.

But this valley located on the edge of the north of Extremadura and the south of the province of Avila, has enough attractions to visit it at other times of the year.

Selection of cherries in the Jerte Valley

Both in summer, as I have recently done, and during the autumn season on the occasion of the so-calledAutumn of the Jerte Valley.

Then I will give you several reasons to visit the Jerte Valley in summer.

1.- Live and know the world of cherries

In spring the cherry blossoms cover the hillsides of the mountains surrounding the white Jerte Valley, but if you go in summer, you will have the opportunity to see these cherry covered trees.

At this time of the beginning of summer, specifically from June to the end of July, the valley is celebratedThe Cerecera, or what is the same, a series of activities that celebrate the time of cherry picking.

Cherry Gazpacho in rest Stay in El Torno

Among them you have thescheduled visits to cooperatives during which you can discover how the Jerte Valley lives all year around cherries,

Specifically in the summer season, activities such as the collection of cherries from trees, the selection of the same, which is largely carried out in the garages of the houses of the farmers, or their packaging in The cooperative group.

2.-Enjoy gastronomy around cherries

During the summer season, in the restaurants of the villages of the valley you can enjoy a gastronomic offer in which cherries are also the protagonists.

So, and specifically during Gastronomic Days of the Cerecera, you can try cherry gazpacho or salmorejo, any meat or fish dish complemented with cherries, or even desserts that combine cherries with chocolate.

Waterfall in the Gorge of the Nogaledas of the Jerte Valley

3.- Hiking through the gorges of the Jerte Valley

Deep gorges open on the slopes of the mountains that surround the valley, through which in spring and early summer there are large waterfalls.

He Jerte has a wide network of hiking trails, until 19, like that of the Puria throat, which part of the town of Roll,

Or also the route of the Throat of the Nogaledas what part of Navaconcejo, which I had the opportunity to travel and left me surprised by the great leafiness of its landscapes.

The Pylons in the Hells Gorge of the Jerte Valley

4.-Bathe in the natural area of ​​the Pylons

In Summer in the Jerte Valley It's hot, but there are several areas of natural pools on the river Jerte Where can you take a bath?

However, the most attractive and busy area to enjoy baths is the natural place of the Pylons, which you find in the nature reserve of the Hell's Throat, and where you have to walk about three kilometers on a path.

The Pylons It is a very curious place where there are up to 13 natural rafts formed by the effect of erosion caused by water that falls strongly through a rocky area of ​​granite.

If you prefer, you also have the option of getting on and off in authorized vehicles, specifically, all terrain or electric vehicles.

Rural architecture in Cabezuela in Valle del Jerte

5.- See rural architecture

I would fool you if I tell you that the villages that stretch through the Jerte Valley stand out especially for their architectural ensembles.

However, there are streets and corners where you will find good examples of rural architecture, both half-timbered houses as churches and rural hermitages.

In your possible holiday stay in the Jerte Valley, it is worth taking a walk through the urban center of some of these villages, specifically, Cabezuela, The lathe, Jerte or Roll.

6.- Do adventure activities

In a natural place such as the Jerte Valley there is no lack of a wide range of tourist and adventure activities carried out by various companies, such as Stay or Guide2.

From horse riding, canyoning or sport climbing, to canoeing in the nearby Plasencia Reservoir, in the lower area of ​​the valley.

Balneario del Jerte

7.- Spa and wellness at the Balneario del Jerte

On the contrary, you can also spend a day relaxing in the spa of the Balneario del Jerte,

It is a hotel that you find in the lower part of it, in front of Valdastilla, and where you have excellent facilities for spa And you have the possibility to enjoy health and beauty treatments.

8.- And also visit other nearby places of interest

If you go to spend a few days in the Jerte Valley, I advise you to take advantage of excursions to other attractive villages that are close to it.

Without a doubt, during your stay aPlasencia visit, but look at the map and you will see that other places of interest, such as Yuste Monastery, Hervás, famous for his Jewish quarter, or the Abulense Avila boat.

New and Old Cathedrals of Plasencia in Extremadura

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