Córdoba - Virgen de los Faroles, altarpiece on the wall of the patio of the Naranjos

Virgin of the Lanterns in Córdoba

A walk through the Jewish quarter of Córdoba It will hold various corners of interest, beyond the essential mosque visit.

Indeed, in Cordova when are you going to access the beautifulPatio de los Naranjos which extends along the north facade in the wall where the door of forgiveness you will surely go through a altarpiece That will get your attention.

It's about the Virgin of the Lanterns, which is next to the Caño Gordo door, near the aforementioned Puerta del Perdón, the main access to the old mosque of the Andalusian city.

Virgin of the Lanterns in Córdoba

This altarpiece, which is accessed by stairs, acquires its name by the lanterns that illuminate it from the fence that surrounds it.

The altarpiece shows a painting that represents a Immaculate.

When in 1928 the original painting was destroyed by fire, the Cordoba City Hall commissioned the great local artist Julio Romero de Torres A new work.

Years later it was decided that, given its artistic value, the work will be preserved in the museum that in Cordova is dedicated to the aforementioned Julio Romero de Torresand, therefore, the painting that you can now see on the altarpiece is a copy made by his own son.

Finally I remind you that in the same city, and not far from the aforementioned altarpiece, you can also see the corner known as the Christ of the Lanternsin the pretty Capuchin Square.

The figure of this monument is from the end of the 18th century, although the gates and lanterns that surround it are of more recent time.

As you will see on your trip to the Andalusian city, the lanterns have a great role in its streets.