How to see the imposing Millau Viaduct in southern France

Millau Viaduct from the Tarn River in southern France

In our travels in Spain and Europe it is usual that we are attracted by castles or large cathedrals that become targets to visit.

But what about a modern and great viaduct?

I will tell you that Millau Viaduct It has become one of the tourist attractions of the Occitania region in the south of France ... and there are good reasons for this.

Millau Viaduct in Occitania in southern France

This impressive viaduct that you can see near the small Millau city, in the department of Aveyron, currently is theworld's highest multi-cabled viaduct.

Effectively, see the Millau Viaduct and crossing it by car is one of the reasons to approach that city in, for example, a route through beautiful villages or the templar villages in this area of South of France.

Precisely this huge viaduct that is based on seven impressive concrete pillars was built to prevent the road from passing through the aforementioned city of Millau,

This enclave in holiday and festive times became a bottleneck on the route that crosses France from Paris to the south coast of Mediterranean.

Millau Viaduct from the Visitor Center

Features Millau Viaduct

It was at the end of 2001 when the construction of the viaduct was decided, a work that took three years, since it was finally inaugurated on December 14, 2004.

The French Engineer's Project Michel Virlogeux save the winding valley that opens the Tarn river in the vicinity of Millau, with a length of two and a half kilometers and a maximum height of 343 meters above the river.

The total weight of the 8 steel sections on which the two-lane highway runs in each direction is 350,000 tons.

Surely you have already seen large viaducts on European roads, but I assure you that the Millau Viaduct It is an impressive and very special architectural work.

Millau Viaduct barges in southern France

Serve also the fact that it has a pillar 245 meters high, which gives it the aforementioned world record.

How to see the Millau Viaduct

There are several ways to see the viaduct, and I anticipate that crossing by car over it at all allows you to see this modern architectural jewel.

Of course you must cross it, just as I did in my journey through OccitaniaWell, if you can feel how the valley is saved and, above all, it will allow you to reach the service areaAire du Viaduc located on the north edge of the mentioned valley.

Driving on the viaduct you will see that it has a slight slope, which you will see in the panoramic view that you have from the service area.

Millau Viaduct from Peyre to southern France

The best way to see the Millau Viaduct It is, on the one hand, from the roads around the city of Millau, where in some of which you find viewpoints.

But, in particular, if you have a lot of interest in appreciating its enormous dimensions, you have the possibility of joining a viaduct barge excursion for him Tarn river, which will allow you to pass quietly sailing under the viaduct just in the area where it reaches its highest height.

This tour ends in Peyre, a small and pretty village in a curious location on the banks of the river and under rocky cliffs.

Millau Viaduct from the Tarn River in southern France

And if you want to deepen the knowledge of the history of the viaduct and its characteristics, the advice is that you approach the Millau Viaduct Visitor Center, where information panels are arranged

You find it on the road D992 that since Millau runs parallel along the south bank of the Tarn river, just below one of the sections of the viaduct.

The Visitor Center hours they are every day of the year, from 10 to 19 hours from April to October, and from 10 to 17 hours the rest of the year.

In sum, a curious and interesting visit that I advise you to include in your mentioned route by car through this area of Occitania.

How to get to the Millau Viaduct

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