Essential visits in Chengdu and its surroundings in China

Giant Panda Bear Conservation Center in Chengdu

When planning a tourist trip through China there are cities or areas of the great Asian country that you may not consider as essential visits, contrary to what happens with Beijing Beijing, Xian or Shanghai.

However, it should be taken into account as alternatives because they have enough attractions to include them in a China route.

That is the case of Chengdu, city perhaps not too well known located in the province of Sichuan, to the southwest of China, but that offers us some very interesting visits in its nearby areas.

Big Buddha of Leshan near Chengdu in China

I'll tell you whatvisit chengdu It is a good option if you consider including in your Trip to china the visit of Lhasa, at Tibet.

For you to stand, Chengdu It is located in the center-west of China, 700 kilometers southwest of Xian and almost 1,500 kilometers northwest of Guilin.

What to see in Chengdu and surroundings

Chengdu It is a historic Chinese city whose origins date back to the year 316 B.C., and today because of its population it has become the fifth city of China with more than 10 million inhabitants.

Nonetheless, Chengdu It still maintains a characteristic traditional Chinese city atmosphere thanks to the conservation of historic buildings, as well as its many temples, popular markets and streets with typical shops.

Chengdu Mall in China

But beyond walking through this great city, what will take you to travel to it are the three essential visits What do you find in the surroundings of Chengdu.

Panda bears in Chengdu

On the one hand, in the vicinity of this great Chinese city you can visit the Panda Giant Bear Conservation Center,

This place is where this species is preserved in extinction, of which in China there are less than two thousand copies.

They live in the mountainous areas of Sichuan and the Tibet, and to prevent its extinction, various conservation centers have been set up, several of which are located near Chengdu.

Giant panda bears near Chengdu in China

Leshan's Great Buddha

Two hours by road from Chengdu you have the possibility of visit the Great Buddha of Leshan, the largest statue of a Buddha sculpted in stone.

With 70 meters high, theLeshan's Great Buddha It was sculpted in 713 and has been declared World Heritage by Unesco.

Located in front of the confluence of three rivers, you have the possibility to see it both from a ship sailing along the river, and very closely starting from the park that opens at the top of the statue, where several Buddhist temples are located.

The Great Buddha of Leshan is located 140 kilometers from Chengdu, in the natural environment of the Mount emei, the third essential visit near that city.

Mount emei

He Mount emei it's one of four sacred mountains of the Buddhist religion of China.

Buddhist temple on Mount Emei near Chengdu in China

To visit it you have the option of making a long hiking trip to its top, or using the cable cars that allow you to reach the Gold Top, where there are several Buddhist temples.

He Mount emei It has also been declared World Heritage.

And if you have more time for your stay in Chengdu, you have other enclaves that you can also visit.

So you will have the opportunity to see the Du Fu Farm House, prestigious Chinese poet of the eighth century, whose old house has become a museum dedicated to chinese literature, in which more than 3,000 volumes written on different materials are preserved.

House of the poet Du Fu in Chengdu in China

Likewise, in the outskirts of Chengdu you can also approach the Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve, where you will find characteristic landscapes of lakes and mountains.

And also nearby is the Qingcheng mount, in whose landscapes that are known as the “paradise view”, They get to concentrate up to 40 historical buildings of Taoist culture.

How to get to Chengdu

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