Ireland - Dunguaire Castle and Kinvarra, on the Atlantic coast route

Dunguaire Castle on the route of the Atlantic coast of Ireland

I am passionate about car trips that allow you to discover the most interesting tourist places in a region or country.

If this is also your case, you will agree with me that one of the attractions of this type of travel is to arrive at a place that you have no prior knowledge of, and that when calling your attention will invite you to make a stop to visit it.

At travel along the route of the Atlantic coast of Ireland There are many places to discover.

Ireland's Atlantic coast route

That would be the case, for example, of Dunguaire Castle, located just 30 kilometers south of the city of Galway, at the entrance of the small town of Kinvarra.

On my recent trip on that route we arrived at the castle at sunset.

It was that moment in which the already dim sunlight confers special beauty to buildings and landscapes, which encouraged us to stop to at least take some pictures.

It is a small fortification that was built in the mid-16th century on a small promontory on the banks of a sea inlet.

Currently theDunguaire Castle It belongs to a private institution that runs several Irish monuments and opens it to the public for visits from April to early October.

Kinvarra village on the route of the Atlantic coast of Ireland

Also, in the Dunguaire Castle, among other events, are organized medieval banquets.

This search for corners will also lead you to stop again to take a short walk through the aforementioned town of Kinvarra.

I anticipate that you will surely be struck by the very colorful facades of their houses that favor very photogenic corners and where you will look for the best frames.

Kinvarra village on the route of the Atlantic coast of Ireland

In sum, new corners to discover in the Ireland's Atlantic coast route.

Kinvarra Photos

Here you have more photos of the aforementioned town of Kinvarra.

How to get to Dunguaire Castle

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