Murcia - A walk through the splendid halls of the Real Cultural Casino

Pompeian Hall of the Casino de Murcia

Before traveling to the Murcia city with the purpose of living the atmosphere of theEaster week , with its singular processions of the Coloraos and the Salzillo, I already knew that the most prominent places to visit were his great Cathedral… and the casino.

Was the first time i visited Murcia and knowing the splendid building of casino of the Alcala street in Madrid I was not surprised that in this Levantine city there could be a building of special interest.

Being of very different characteristics to the aforementioned Madrid, and as a reference of the interest that it actually has, I anticipate that the Murcia Casino It has become the most visited civil building in that autonomous region.

Arab Patio in the Casino of Murcia

I also tell you that it is a cultural casino, not a gaming venue, so it is a meeting point for gatherings and cultural activities developed by its more than 1,500 members, as well as a place for events in the city.

Curiosities history Casino Murcia

He Murcia Casino building It began to be built in 1847, and is actually the result of the successive purchase and accession of several adjoining buildings.

With an eclectic architecture, the different rooms and corners of the Murcia Casino They show very different styles.

Central Gallery of the Casino of Murcia

Located the main entrance in the central Trapería street, very close to the Murcia Cathedral, its facade was made in 1902 by the Murcian architect Pedro Cerdán Martínez, author of other prominent buildings in the city such as Veronica Market.

With a voluptuous decoration of modernist reminiscences, on both sides of the door you will see two large windows that show interior rooms known as the fish tanks.

That's where the casino members sit to watch the crowded Trapería street... and to be seen.

The building where the casino began to be installed was the palace of the Marquis of Vado, whose access gives the Lucas street, and where another door is kept.

Facade of the Casino of Murcia

What to see in Casino Murcia

After climbing the stairs that separate the two Fish tanks, you will reach perhaps its most splendid room, the Arab Courtyard, inspired by the Alhambra of Granada, and whose walls are covered by more than 35,000 gold plates.

With a starry vault made of iron and colored crystals, as a curiosity I will tell you that on its walls an Arabic inscription is repeated that says «Nothing bigger than Allah».

In this reception room there is a ticket office, because although it is a private institution, currently the Murcia Casino It is open to the public's visit, the second floor of which is reserved for the private use of the members.

In the highly recommended Murcia Casino visit from the Arab Courtyard you access the Central Gallery, which has a long glass vault and is covered in floor and walls by marble Macael

Entrance hall to the Murcia Casino

This gallery serves as the junction of the different rooms that you can see, all with a different architectural style.

The biggest and most splendid dependence is the Dance room, which is accessed by the Congress, a meeting place for rocks whose decoration highlights wood and silk.

In French-inspired baroque style, the one quoted Dance room It was built in 1875, and since then it has become the great hall for numerous parties of Murcian society.

The ceiling paintings, with allegories of exotic arts and landscapes, and, above all, the paintings will attract your attention. five huge gilded bronze and crystal lamps from Bacarat from Paris.

Ballroom of the Casino de Murcia

As anecdote, it is said that they were originally manufactured to be sent to the Emperor's palace Maximilian I of Mexico, but that after being deposed and shot, the lamps were finally bought by the society of Murcia Casino.

You will be surprised that they are located very low, which is understood when you know that initially they were used to support candles, and it was after their arrival in Murcia when the electricity finally arrived and the bulbs were installed.

Other highlights are the Pompeian courtyard, neoclassical style with some sculptures.

At Weapons Hall your numerous mirrors will call your attention, which is because in its day it was the casino's fencing room.

English Library of the Casino of Murcia

He Powder room It is another corner with a great decoration in which the profusion of mirrors and silk curtains stand out.

Of course in the Murcia Casino You can also see another room dedicated to the library.

Made in 1913, it is a English Library, which has an upper wooden stand supported by irons with the curious shape of pelicans, and in which up to 20,000 volumes between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries are preserved.

The most recent Murcia Casino reform it was completed in 2009, the year in which the King Juan Carlos I granted him the title of Real.

Ladies Dressing Table of the Murcia Casino

Casino Hours of Murcia

The Murcia visiting hours They are every day from 10.30 to 19 hours.

The ticket prices they are, generally, 5 euros; and the reduced for students, retired and unemployed, 3 euros. The entrance includes an audio guide that allows you to continue the visit.

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