A walk through the medina of Hammamet, an icon of tourism in Tunisia

Hammamet medina fortress in Tunisia

Did you know that, from the tourist point of view, Hammamet Can you consider the Benidorm of Tunisia?

Indeed, during the 70s of the last century in the city of Hammamet began the development of tourism in Tunisia, in a phenomenon somewhat similar to what Benidorm was having in Spain.

And actually Hammamet still, along with Sousa and the Djerba Island, the most important tourist enclave of the North African country that is slowly trying to recover the European visitor level that he had before the end of 2010, when the Arab Spring.

Entrance portico to the Hammamet medina in Tunisia

That is why it is normal that when you consider a trip to Tunisia, Mediterranean country of which one of its great attractions are its long beaches of fine sand, take as a reference Hammamet for stay in five star or large hotels resorts on the banks of them.

That has been our case in the recent trip to Tunisia, in which we stayed and enjoyed thefive star hotel Le Royal Hammamet, the pioneer in the tourist complex known as Yasmine Hammamet.

Traditionally for many tourists it is usually the initial or final stage of a trip in which you want to enter in interior corners of the country arriving at the Sahara desert gates.

But, in addition, in a Multi-day stay in Hammamet You can make half-day excursions to very attractive nearby enclaves, such as Sidi Bou Said, the Roman Colosseum of The jerm or Kairouan.

Or you can also visit Hammamet.

Mosque in the medina of Hammamet in Tunisia

But what is it what can you see in Hammamet?

What to see in Hammamet

From the outset I will tell you that it is a city of about 80,000 inhabitants with a very tourist style, where in addition to the large hotels there are many shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment venues.

In fact, because of its relative proximity to the capital of Tunisia, Hammamet It is a very common place where Tunisians will spend the weekend.

In the area of Yasmine Hammamet Resort, which emerged in the 90s as an extension of the city, and where the main hotels and resorts, you will find a Leisure port, sports port with pleasure boats that allow you to make small excursions by the sea.

Hamman in the medina of Hammamet in Tunisia

And you also have the so-called «new medina«, Actually a modern shopping center with shops and restaurants.

But Hammamet's true appeal is in your medina.

You have to go to the city center and by the sea you will find a walled medina next to one 15th century Kasba built on a first fort of the 12th century.

After parking the vehicle next to the beach where the boats and fishing nets rest, you will cross a door to enter the medina.

Don't expect narrow streets with a souk full of shops; it is a residential medina, in which one lives, and in which in some of its streets if you will find some craft stores and souvenirs.

Artist in the medina of Hammamet in Tunisia

They are narrow streets, some really narrow, which barely passes a person.

Highlights the contrast of the white walls with the wooden doors of the houses decorated by different colors.

You can also see some hamman, public toilet that is used alternately by men and women, and whose tradition gives the name to the city, Hammamet.

In some corners you will find artistic samples of some of the artists residing in the medina of Hammamet, in addition to having its shop-shops open to tourists.

Café Sidi Bouhdid terrace in the medina of Hammamet

It shouldn't surprise you when this medina was portrayed, among others, by Paul Klee.

It is usual to finish the visit of the medina of Hammamet having tea in the coffee terrace Bab Sidi Bouhdid, a classic next to the wall and from where to watch the sunset at sea.

You will see that it is the best way to do it.

Hammamet Photos

Here you have more Photos of the Hammamet medina in Tunisia.

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