Aragon - 7 historical curiosities of the Cathedral of Tarazona

Tarazona Cathedral in Aragon

One of the architectural jewels to discover in Spain is undoubtedly the restoredTarazona Cathedral, which you can visit north of Moncayo, in the borders between Aragon, Castile and Navarra.

The reopening of this cathedral In April 2011, after being closed for 30 years, it became a great cultural event and has led to a focus on the heritage attractions from the historic town of Tarazona.

For you to know the significance of the Tarazona Cathedral, then you have 7 historical curiosities.

Main chapel of the cathedral of Tarazona

Tarazona cathedral history

1.- The fact that in 1119, after reconquering the Muslims the city ​​of Tarazona, the project of building a large cathedral was launched, it is a sign of the importance that this town had at that time for its strategic geographical location.

2.- There is no real record of why it was decided to build the Cathedral in the area of ​​orchards that surrounded the hill of the walled city of Tarazona, and not inside this enclosure.

Hence its denomination of Santa Maria de la Huerta.

But the recent archaeological discovery under the cathedral of a roman necropolis of the fourth century, with a large area of ​​mosaics, as well as of a Hispanic-Visigothic baptistery, would justify the decision to build the new Christian temple in this area.

3.- The initial intention of building a Romanesque church was replaced by the project of building a cathedral of the new gothic style, which was carried out by french teachers.

Decoration of the vault of the head of the Cathedral of Tarazona

Its presence is reflected in certain corners of the cathedral, such as the bases of the columns, where you can see the lys flower.

4.- The tarazona cathedral was consecrated at 1235, and another example of its importance at the time is that it was built simultaneously to the Gothic cathedrals of Burgos and Toledo.

5.- During the so-called War of the two Pedros that took place from 1356 to 1369, the cathedral suffered serious damage.

The cathedral was rebuilt with Moorish style in the period from the end of the 15th century to the beginning of the 16th.

Its most prominent elements were the cloister, the tower and the dome on the cruise, all of them with their characteristic decoration of Muslim origin, with bricks and the presence of glazed tiles.

Main altar of the cathedral of Tarazona

6.- In the middle of the 16th century there is another important milestone in the Tarazona Cathedral history, the renovation of its interior decoration with the application of Renaissance style.

The result was a building with a Mudejar exterior aesthetic and an undoubtedly Gothic interior with striking Renaissance decoration.

To this we must add the final incorporation of some baroque elements, as the main portico of access to the cathedral and the trascoro.

7.- Partially closed since 1981, and completely in 1992, since 1996 the Master Plan which has led to restoration of the Cathedral of Tarazona, until said opening to the public in 2011.

In parallel to the opening, the renovation of various corners such as the cloister, most of the chapels and the Baroque porch, which was still under construction when I visited the cathedral, is being completed.

Exhibition on restoration works in the cloister of the Cathedral of Tarazona

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